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  1. The fly in the upper right corner of the Radencich´s collection photo is not Traherne fly. It´s Kelson´s Bronze Pirate.
  2. Hei Mikko, great fly! However, I suppose this fly is created during the World War, not the second. The pattern is described in Wallenius´s book published in 1923. Will we see the dark version as well? :headbang:
  3. Hey Dave, very nice work and nice compotition! Please enjoy the vise, for I can not :crying:
  4. Thanks a lot guys! Dave, this is a pattern by John Traherne, like the previous ones I posted. You can see them in my homesite as soon as I get them photographed. www.ottiperhot.com . Feathers are tragopan neck feathers Bruno, the fly is photographed on top of a wine box, I thought it will bring French atmosphere Dave C. :hyst:
  5. Just couldn´t keep my hands off the vise, so I made one more quickie. Has nothing to do with this topic :hyst:
  6. Oh, this one I dedicate for you Bruno, "France fly"
  7. Here is my last fly for a while. I´m going to Slovakia until August, so I will not be able to tie flies for a looong time :crying: Well, I´m sure I´ll find something else to do :cheers:
  8. :hyst: Very nice, Bud! Looks so good though, that I don´t think that the little chain would prevent fish not to harm themselves :crying:
  9. Great fly Bruno, some new approach for GH!
  10. Great fly Dave! The twist- you have made it your self?
  11. Davie, well I´ve seen the other one before - it does not stop to amaze me. And now you send this other one It´s as near perfect as a fly can be.
  12. Hei Yassid! Great fly, good tying!
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