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  1. Great looking ty and pic..
  2. First time viewer lmao Great looking fly would work great on the panfish around here. Will have to give it a go..
  3. nope it is a bad fly you need to throw it right in my fly box! lol just kidding great looking fly let me know how it does I really like the idea will have to try to ty some up..
  4. great video and flies !! bet they work great..
  5. nice looking flies and great profile..
  6. nice looking flies keep us posted on how they do..
  7. wow awsome looking flies!!!! just one fast ? for you.. How wide do you cut the foam?
  8. looks great keep up the good work
  9. wow they are awsome ties. would really like to see the sbs !!!
  10. looks great and the colors what did you use? if you dont mind me asking
  11. http://www.cabelas.com/product/Fishing/Fly-Fishing/Fly-Tying/Tools-Vises%7C/pc/104793480/c/104721480/sc/104340780/i/103884480/Dubbing-Twister/744262.uts?destination=%2Fcatalog%2Fbrowse%2Ffishing-fly-fishing-fly-tying-tools-vises%2F_%2FN-1100441%2FNo-48%2FNs-CATEGORY_SEQ_103884480%3FWTz_l%3DPPC%253Bcat104793480%253Bcat104721480%253Bcat104340780%26WTz_st%3DGuidedNav%26WTz_stype%3DGNP&WTz_l=PPC%3Bcat104793480%3Bcat104721480%3Bcat104340780%3Bcat103884480 they have them for 2.49 each... hope this helps
  12. I know it isnt much help but I have one you can have pm me your addy.. And I will look for a good site for them..
  13. Good I have tied a few up. thanks for yalls input it helped.
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