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  1. Hey Fellow Fly Anglers, I received a reply from Will today. He'd had to change two of the colors I had ordered and forgot to let me know. These things happen. When the shirts srrive, I will post a note here again. He came thru like a good Buckeye should. LC
  2. I haven't received my shirts either. Pay Pal'd Will in July. Anyone know what is up? e mail me if anyone knows what is going on. wrmmy1 at earthlink.net LCinOH Will, Didn't want to post this here but you haven't replied to my e mail. Sure hope ur alright? LC
  3. LCVinOH here. Don't posts much, but learn a lot every time I sing on. I'll take on of the (1) One white only (FTF MTB) 3XL (1) One Flytying Forum in Tan 3XL (1) One Hatches Magazine in Metro Blue 3XL I can credit card it, Payl Pay or check...you tell me which saves you the miost money. You are doing this ofr us and I can see it isn't a money makes at these prices. If you have a visor available, I'll take one of them. Got enough hats now. Let em know the details lcfishesatEarthlink.net Signed LCinOH Westerville OH
  4. Usually do not post...just read and learn. But had to add my two bits. I was working for a boat company 11 years ago and the wife and I were trying to move back to Columbus OH after 15 years as a corporate gypsy with Evinrude Outboards. The house is for sale and I am at a Sports Show in MI. The Realtor calls and wants to show the house. OKEY DOKEY...she loads the dog and our youngest daughter into the van and goes to the library around the corner. Leaves Tippy the wonder bichon in the van, as the weather was fine and the library frowned on yappy white dogs. Long story short, I had been on a musky trip to Lac Courte de Oreilles in WI and still had one of my fav muskie crank baits hanging from the read view mirror. It was a big old heavy wooden mouse with two X 3/0 trebles on it. Not sure how, but Tippy the wonder mutt found a way to get this bait off the rear view mirror and into her back. Then the poor thing got it hooked into one of the floor mats. I get a panicked call from the wife at the show and we work out how to cut off the barb (it had already gone in and back out...so the point was exposed). Fortunately my wife knew where the industrial strength lineman's pliers were in the tool box in the van and while our 9 year old held Tippy down, she cut off the point and barb and backed the hook out the way it went in. Gives new meaning to matching the hatch, cause every time I see the St Croix Musky Rod ad with the poodle with the funky skirt and the Match the Hatch comment, I think of poor old Tippy (RIP..you were a great dog). BTW, found out the hair from bichon puppies is awesome to use to replace things like fish hair or yak hair. We always let the puppies hair grow to about 4-8 inches before we groom them for the first time. Used it to tie a couple of nice musky bugger flies! Tight Loops and Sharp Hooks. LC
  5. A good friend knew that I was getting into fly tying and was pheasant hunting in SD. He was nice enough to save one of the skins for me to use in my fumbling fly tying efforts. Soooo, can anyone out there in the Blue Nowhere of this great forum give me some feedback on how to treat this fresh skin. I have it sltled well right now. What is next...dry it out and save the feathers ON the skin, or pluck it? Never had much hunting experience so not sure what to do next. Thanks LCinOH
  6. First post, so be gentle boys and girls. I am relatively new to this fly tying 'obsession' and loving every mintue of it. I have the recipe for Whitlocks Neer Nuff crayfish and it calls for saddle hackles. I have neck hackles, but no saddle hackles. Now question no. 1: What is the difference, besides where they come from on the foul, between saddle hackles and neck hackles? Like I said, I have neck hackles from some previous ventures into tyin, but do I need to go out and buy some saddles hackles now? Next question: I picked up some feathers from a zoo that were blowing around outside the aviary and figured this zoo was going to throw them away. I am thinking about using them for some flies. Can I do this legally, since these feathers are from a Federally protected water oul, or should I just throw them away? Thanks LC
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