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  1. QUOTE (Dornug @ Mar 27 2005, 08:17 PM) I swear I ate 3 pounds of grilled NY Strip and at least a half pound of shrimp. I bet that was a LONG ride home. LOL Happy Birthday Pat!
  2. Hey, I recognize that chicken foot bastard. LMAO
  3. I tried that once........but it rejected me
  4. Welcome Rad. I can't read a thing on your site, but I see fish and bug pictures just fine.
  5. And a cooler lid in case the motor quits.
  6. I'm starting to see a pattern here........Tough Crowd!
  7. Well, it seems that Sippy is throwing me out of the house again on that particular weekend, so I'll have to go along. This should be another interesting trip. I need to start practicing my limp for Dry Run. Challenged? Do I look challenged to you?
  8. QUOTE (Shoe @ Jan 3 2005, 02:47 PM) Tsukadik I believe that's spelled with a "Y" TsukadYk.
  9. QUOTE (Dornug @ Jan 3 2005, 12:31 PM) Nah.......it's actually pretty comical.....that's why I keep riding with you guys. I though that's whay I keep riding with YOU guys?? I was never like that till I met Ralf....
  10. It sounds as if I'm being thrown out of my house for a weekend. I'll be there! Hell, I'll even take Monday off while I'm at it....
  11. Chromium


    I must add to Shoe's productivity comment. He's not exagerating. She tyed this thing back in June when we were fishing the Mo. She couldn''t keep fish of the line. It was amazing, Me, I tried everything I could think of but got skunked. Then it was on to Arkansas in July on the White. I specifically remember one morning that Ralf and I went out. We pulled up in behind some BIG rocks and dropped anchor. I fished that on sink tip through the slack water. After the swing and at the tailout, or after 1-2 quick short strips it was fish on. Next cast.........another.....and another. This went on for 13 -14 straight drifts. I swear that fly fished that hole out. I told Ralf. "Damn, I didn't get a hit on that drift..............maybe we should move on!" As I remeber it, he had a few choice words for me too. LOL. We did move down to the next rock, and then a deadfall after that with the same results. That's one kick ass fly. Thanks Sarah!! (And thanks for cleaning my fish too!) I've got it made!!
  12. Welcome Art! So, what does one of those "Ugly Sticks" go for when you're "abroad"?
  13. I have no idea, but they do seem to break alot. I broke most of mine at the ferrel on Salmon except once where I fell and my kid was behind me. The rod tip hit him and broke about 2 inches off the tip.
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