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  1. A nice generic fly that I find works equally well for caddis and larger midge, don't think you have daddy long legs in USA but thats where it really kicks a$$. Its not one of my best tyings but you should at least get the gist of whats going on. The audio isn't the best as I can't find my mic and had to record the audio using my phones voice recorder function. I also had to start a new youtube channel as I somehow broke my last one when I tried to change the email account it was associated with http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tT8cfdN1w_c Thanks for watching AL
  2. Thanks Harold, I live in Ireland and the vices (yes that is the correct spelling ) don't have that big a following over here. I have said to my parents that that is what I want for Xmas and I'll have to wait another week to find out if Santa manages to buy one. Thanks AL
  3. Thanks for your replies, My dad's mate got his vice sorted, he fiddled about with it last night and then took it into work today and got a machinist to fiddle a bit more and they got it working again. I might be in the market for a new vice though, literally came off the phone with him and put a lure hook in my Apex and bent over to pick a bead off the floor and the hook was gone. Looked behind me and found the hook embeded in the wall behind where I sit Done the same with 2 more hooks, its now less a solid hook holder and more a hook catapult, could be useful to stop material "borrowers" at a class
  4. This question is for a mate of my dad's as he doesn't have an internet connection at the minute and he doesn't go on forums much anyway. He's managed to **** up the jaws on his Regal copy that he's been using for the past 7 years and he's wanting to get a "proper" vice for crimbo. He's looking at either a Nor Vise, Dyna King Baracuda or Snowbee Waldron. He's used a nor vise before and loves the idea and concept but he's not sure about whether the gimmick factor will wear off after a while? The dyna king and waldron seem pretty solid as far as he's concerned but just wondered if anyone has any experiance of 1 or more of those vices? Thanks AL
  5. I have worked on this pattern to imitate the local gammarus pulex which is common in one still water I fish but the fish just don't go for czech nymphs. I haven't tried it yet but it looks like a good'un. This is how the fly sits in the water just like the naturals Shrimp Hook G point Buzzer Underbody Lead strips along back Tail Filoplume from a golden pheasant Rib Mono Back Strip off a poly pocket Body Hares Hackle Cree varient Antennae Flexi floss
  6. Great fly, may tie it myself with the rear end as a flying hook, like the Worm fly, this really gets the tail nippers
  7. Just though I would get the general concesus of people thoughts to improve my videos, The main issue I think is the audio, most people seem to like the voice over but here is where I need your help, should this be live as I tie it, means you may get better quality of info but less audio quality Or go and just dub over the video and do my commentary while watching the video playback, better audio quality but bit less detail? Also does anyone have any patterns they would like me to do, can't promise how long but may take a couple of weeks as I have exams etc around about now so can't do this every night. Thanks guys
  8. Mark, If I can find it I'll photo graph the small dubbing blender I made, salvaged parts from some things and then put it together. It doesn't work anymore after I tried connecting it to a car battery to get a bit more power, it out in the shed somewhere
  9. Mike there you go I just added a voice over to it instead of the music
  10. Sorry, its an x42 from olympus, its just a digi compact camera. I'm going to use a mic next time and possibly try a camcorder to see if I can get any higher quality
  11. BigJ, did that a couple of time too, even thought my browser had died. I like it now i've got used to it nice and clean with plenty of space
  12. Thanks guys, no voice over as my cameras mic is useless, found an old one in a cupboard 70's vintage but all my adaptors wouldn't work. Ft, I just noticed how annoying it is will get a plain top for the next one
  13. I had been on the forum from my mobile but run google mobile so the forum appears different anyway, only went on here from the pc today. I normally surf here at the back business studies classes,lol
  14. Hope you guys can see and follow it
  15. Been off on holidays etc and came back and the forum has changed, I don't post on here that much, only started a few weeks ago but noticed the change immediately
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