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  1. it looks good and would probably work, The tail and wing look nice but I would wrap the body and then hackle the feather up. I would move the wing up a little more and build a smaller thorax. but it still looks good..
  2. where did you get the decal for your name.. I hate having to sign a rod..
  3. switch your thread to 70 denier, it helps with making smother under bodies..
  4. sorry for this stupid question but when I click the view pattern info it takes me to the login page ..
  5. what ever happen to using a coffee blender.. I bought one at target for $11.00 and it works just fine..
  6. What I do is try to tie in advance of the season, When fall comes I am tying winter patterns, when winter is here I'm tying spring patterns..when spring comes i'm tying bigger spring flies.. never need to tie on the road cause I can take my time and change with the time..
  7. That is a nice sculpin, I would like to get that recipe if possible..
  8. I used them at Delaney buettes and when the calibaetis are coming off they love them.. cought a lot of fish on them.. thanks
  9. I didn't mean to start a new topic I just wanted to post some extended bodies I tied up.. sorry if I have screwed up the message board.
  10. Been working on some extended body mayflies..
  11. I'm going with those legs also.. and I don't care if they float..
  12. I don't know when the Danvice came out but I have been tying on it since they did.. 15yrs maybe.. I wouldn't own another vice..
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