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  1. "Maybe you should...........build revolutionary new drift boat design. :=)) " Thanks for the kind words Colin. YOUR drift boats are amazing. I'm not much of a boat builder...but maybe someday a collaboration? Also, thanks everyone for your input. Time to start making some sketches and "drift" into the workshop once the -28 degree weather goes away.
  2. Thanks for the feedback everyone. To answer Mike's question: I am referring to the wooden "lap-table" like the one pictured here: I've built, and used, a few in the past with mixed results. I like the convenience and ability to "move around the house as needed" to feed my tying addiction, but have never been completely satisfied with similar designs. Some feel too "cramped" while others had other annoyances. Just looking for some feedback on what people like/dislike about theirs (for those that have and use them). I'd like to build a prototype for myself soon and see how I can refine it for the next one. Comments/suggestions/feedback/whatever most definitely welcome.
  3. Hi everyone. I am recently retired and want to get back into the shop to build a portable tying bench...so anyone have good suggestions for features/designs? The sky is the limit...I have lots of tools, wood and sawdust makers. Most importantly...I have lots of time (at least until the rivers thaw out up here in Montana). Anything you like/dislike about your setup? Any design suggestions/features greatly appreciated. Thanks all.
  4. Hi everyone. It's been forever since I posted anything here...been busy and finally retired last month! The local rivers are trembling in fear...at least in my mind. Here's my bench and matching storage cabinet. Both were built by me out of cherry. The work surface folds up into the desk when not in use...making for a clean (and wife-pleasing) area.
  5. Awesome. Can't wait to tie some and try them out. Thanks guys!!!
  6. Hi everyone, Okay so here's what happened: The other day, I was swinging a rod at my local river, not having much luck due to the spring runoff creating a muddy mess, when suddenly I see this ENORMOUS Rainbow vigorously snapping at a big ugly black Cicada which had happened to land on the water. I mean this Rainbow was furiously jumping, splashing and making a huge ruckus as they both floated downstream. It was wonderful to watch. But of course, nothing even close in my fly box. We seem to be getting our share of the 17-year plague up here in Montana, just like everyone else, however I don't think our Cicadas are quite as big or numerous as they are in other places. But regardless, does anyone have a nice Cicada pattern they'd like to share? It would be most appreciated. Thanks and cheers!
  7. Awesome idea. Taxidermists here I come!!!
  8. Great idea cutting out a hole in the table for easy cleanup. Great tying area. Looking forward to seeing what comes out of it. Cheers...
  9. Nice catch! I live just a stones throw from you... Great to be living so close to the best waters available...isn't it? Thanks for sharing and love the patterns. Cheers...
  10. Wow. I have a deep appreciation for anyone who can convincingly tie flies that make me wonder if it is a real bug on the hook. I had to study yours a few times! Great job. Would love a step-by-step tutorial on this one. Cheers.
  11. Hi Erik, Welcome back! Glad to hear time is finally on your side. Great looking station. I especially like the idea of using corks for hook holders. Never thought of that one. Anyway, looking forward to seeing what comes from that nice looking station. Cheers for now...
  12. Count me amongst the plastic bag fans.
  13. My first attempt at a semi-realistic fly. Sorry for the poor image:
  14. Great story. My 6 year old grandson is also interested in tying. I say anything that focuses their boundless energy in a positive way like this is certainly welcome. Give lots of praise and encouragement....and thanks for sharing.
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