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  1. his shows on you tube are the best i've seen . and his fly's are just unbeliveable .he's a great tyer i'd like get some of his flys just to frame .
  2. nice fish you got .and new places are great to fish too.hope you have a many a great time on your new water as well
  3. wow.... very nice i like those colors . i hope that you had some great luck with them as well.
  4. very nice fly .where did you find it ? the spec's mfor tying it that is .
  5. jay1


    thats realy an awsome fly . very nice . how long did it take to tye it ?
  6. can this pattern be used for trout in new england ? and or bass as well ?
  7. i would have to say it would be black nose dace's and smelts here in maine
  8. thats a realy nice bass you cought . glade to see that some people are haveing some good luck .still waiting for it to warm up a bit here in maine .hope you have more and even better luck in the future .
  9. have tryed to look in cabelas fly fishing catalog ? theres some great buy's in there and i my self have found some .if not there try ebay .
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