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  1. Briar, muskrat is fantastic dubbing. Adams for sure, but any slate gray bodies can and should be made from that. I also like to use the reddish brown guard hairs for tailing material particularly on the Adams. I use it for the body of my #1 go to fly the Blue Dun. It's also great for a number of mayfly nymphs and looks primarily "buggy" when the guard hairs are left in. you can get like a million flies out of just one pelt. if you'd like to spread the wealth, I'd be interested in a patch of it. email me: [email protected] maybe we can make a trade. it is duck season after all. let me know Justin
  2. I'd be interested to hear more about these. Do you have any more info?? I guess it's just a matter of experimentation. Good thing it's early duck season, and there's tons of mallards around!! If anyone has any recipes, I'd love to hear them. Thanks to everyone Justin
  3. Hi, Does anyone have a good method/recipe for dying mallard flank to a wood duck lemon? I've looked and looked and can't find anything. I've got a gazillion mallard flanks and it's only the first week of the season!! Thanks in advance, Justin
  4. Thanks all, much appreciated!! JC
  5. Hi all, I just picked up a bunch of these pretty cheaply. I was planning on tying some bucktails and I was wondering if anyone had any advice for tapering the return wire of the loop eye. It looks to me like it's the only way I can get a smooth transition from the single wire and the loop. Any advice? Thanks in advance, JC
  6. Thanks you guys. I tied up a dozen bodies tonight and used some of your tips. I think I got it all worked out by #7. Thanks a ton. I really appreciate it. JC
  7. Hi, I'm having trouble with tinsel streamer bodies. I get a hump at tie in. I've tried it every which way, and I do cut the tinsel at an angle before tying in. can someone give me some explicit instruction? JC
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