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  1. I am working on an ephemera danica/vulgata life cycle since they are currently hatching here. Just tied a pretty nice nymph but now I have to tie new emergers to make them look like the nymphs I just have to figure out a nice spinner pattern and a spent pattern to go with the nymphs and emergers and then I´m golden
  2. Hi, I was just wondering if I need to create a profile for the pattern database as well. I get logged out as soon as I enter it and when I go back to the forums i get logged back in again. I have tried logging in with my forums profile but that does not work. So are they two different sites or what?
  3. I like to follow the silver ribbing with black ostrich, also i have a couple with squirrel hair wings instead of hackle. That beefs them up a bit. Another idea is to do a full body hackle like on a wooly bugger.
  4. A talented painter and a talented tier. he really got the colors perfect.
  5. So, after soaking in the tub for 24+ hours both flies were still floating. I then did as NJ all day suggested and rolled them between my fingers with the result that both flies sank... I am willing to say that as far as buoyancy goes it does not matter if you cut the hackle, but it does look awful. Case closed?
  6. Swedish Trout Hunter Surface tension is a property of a liquid resulting from molecular cohesive forces at or near the surface of the liquid such that the forces contract and the suirface of the liquid behaves somewhat like a stretched membrane. The surface tension is a property of the fluid in question. As such, the surface tension in a wide vessel or a narrow vessel are the same, as long as they both contain the same liquid.. I do believe that I just got schooled Thank you morfrost for that info. They have been in the tub all night and both are still floating. That is almost 12 hours now...
  7. I do believe that we even have 2 sports fishing schools in Sweden. The one I went to focused a lot on tourism and preserving our waters. We had an entire class dedicated to restoration of streams, creating spawning areas for trout and other species. We also studied some marine biology and a bunch of different subjects related to marine life and fishing. It was a really nice time but unfortunately I sort of overdosed on fishing and when I graduated I stopped fishing almost all together. It is only in the last 2 years that I have rediscovered my passion for fly fishing and very recently my passion for fly tying. 80 materials would probably be a challenge, I think that I have more than that spread out across my kitchen table at the moment (no I do not have a girlfriend ). But I think it would be "doable". As far as a topic goes I think it would be very interesting to see what 10 materials people use the most, not counting thread of course. Listing 80 materials is a pretty big job. 18 colors of hackle I am going to buy a folder containing 46 different colors of dubbing as soon as I feel that I can afford it. Not that it is very expensive but there is a lot of other things that needs to be bought and I have a pretty good selection of dubbing already so it is pretty far down on the list at the moment.
  8. nice looking fly. Love the background story by the way. It must have been very interesting to see the evolution of fly fishing from a sort of rarity to what it is today with internet forums joining people from all over the world and letting us share our experiences and stories with one another. And of course the ridiculous amount of materials available for tying. I even studied at the Swedish sports fishing academy for 3 years of high school (at least i think the two are the same, we call it gymnasium and it is from grades 10 through 12) It was a great time where i met many like minded from all over Sweden who I am still friends with and go fishing with today. We actually had a teacher who´s main occupation was teaching us to tie flies. And of course the obvious perk, fishing classes where we just went out and was taught about fishing while we were fishing
  9. First off, i have not tried these patterns myself... yet. but if you want good looking stonefly imitations i would recommend J:son flies. It is a Swedish company and i think they ship internationally. Check it out at http://shop.jsonsweden.com/Default.aspx I am planning to try these out in the near future and if there is an interest i would gladly submit a review when i am done.
  10. I put two red tags in my bathtub about 1 hour ago (thinking that the surface tension in the tub would be less than in a narrow glass). Neither of them are sinking. I did however notice that the one with the cut fibers is leaning slightly to the right while the other one is laying straight with the hook straight down in to the water. It may be that the cut one would not stay afloat as long as the uncut one in water with a bit of motion in it, but otherwise I do not think it makes any difference at all. It is strictly a case of aesthetics.
  11. I agree with NJ All day. throw two flies in a glass of water and see witch one stays above surface the longest. I don´t think there will be any real difference however. A hackle fiber is not hollow and therefore there is no capillary effect taking place in either the cut or the uncut fibers. So they should sink pretty evenly I think. But I have been known to be wrong before and learning new things is always fun I think that I will have to try this out for myself tomorrow.
  12. nice, so far i have been using a cut down toothbrush but that does not give my flies nearly as much volume as you guys get. I am going to have to try a steel brush then. Thanks for the tip.
  13. Utyer, I was looking at your flies and especially the middle one must look awesome in the water. How do you get the dubbing that "big"? I´m having a bit of trouble with the language barrier at the moment so if you do not understand please let me know and I will try to explain better Just realized that the weather is perfect so I´m gonna go ahead and fish for a while and see if my ragggety flies can catch some sea trout.
  14. In my opinion on of the great things with fly tying is the freedom of choise. So I would say tie up a bunch of nymphs in different colors both with and witout a hotspot and then just go down to the water and start fishing and you will find out what works. After all, you can never have too many flies right?
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