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  1. Very nice tie. I like the simplicity. I'll be experimenting with that style.
  2. Ditto, I've had similar experiences with Chris Helms. Very good advice and he'll get you just what need quickly and at a fair price. Steve
  3. Making more posts will change your "title."
  4. Awesome fly Fred. Hope the hook is debarbed in case some person swats it! Steve
  5. beautiful work. i bet you'll enjoy that desk a long time. thanks for the photos.
  6. Great looking bug Snik. I'm impressed.
  7. LOL, yes I get that, I dropped our digital camera in the salt water in FL this summer, my wife reminds me occasionally, every day!
  8. WYKnot, Lovely photos. Any chance you got some of the fish? That'd be cool too. Steve
  9. Sorry bout your dog, i know that sucks. I've enjoyed reading your posts. I often don't reply, only means i didn't have anything to say. My wife doesn't like it when I do that to her either.
  10. Steel drifeter could charge admission to his fishing museum! I'm very jealous.
  11. I like them all, but number five has awesome colors. Nice job.
  12. That is one of the coolest places on earth. You captured it well. thanks
  13. Great looking fly. Looks like the smallies will love it.
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