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  1. I find dahlberg divers or deer hair mice to be particularly effective for early morning... and then when they start hiding in the lily pads/weedy areas, I will drag a crayfish fly in short strips of three or four along the edges and then let it pause.
  2. I have found here in Texas the lighter colored flies in rust, orange, or olive work best. I have taken home to eat about 20 (over the years) bass from 3-5# from one particular local pond that is full of crawdads. Most of the crawdads I see walking along the bottom are much darker. 100% of the bass I took home to eat had crawdads in them, some still alive. Upon autopsy, all the crawdads were lighter colored 'softshell' crawdads with a new carapace. I suspect the bass can tell (maybe by the different sound they make when swimming) which crawfish have the new soft shell and find them easier to digest. Who knows?
  3. I'm one of those cursed lurkers, but that is an awesome fly. How difficult would it be to post picts of the fly being made, or better yet, a video?
  4. I have to temper tools I resharpen at the j.o.b.. One trick I learned as a sailor was immediately after the temperature is reached, probably just beginning to glow, quench the hook with silicon spray. The silicon will come out at about -5 to minus a lot more degrees. This will temper my tools, maybe it will work on hooks.
  5. This is a fly I designed to catch some of the big bass down here in Texas. I figure it would be great for pickerel, pike, etc., as well. I call it Fred's Fly after my Weimaraner who can't seem to let it alone. Has anyone seen a fly like this? I would hate to coincidently/accidentally reinvent and take credit for something already out there.
  6. Zedd


    I've been wunathemdamn lerckers, having been outta fly fishing for about 30 years. I have recently gotten back into it and my, how things have changed. I have been using ginks, and it don't work worth a hootenannie. I will try some of this stuff. It can't do any worse.
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