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  1. Be really hard to find because I used an old material. You can use the synthetic yak hair. http://www.orvis.com/store/product.aspx?pf_id=2G9E See ya.
  2. Ill've forgot another one. My new pole dancer hook: mustad 3707 1/0 Head: Turned balsa. tail/body: Bozo hair chartreuse, bozo hair white & sparckle glimer. Hook shank tying: crystal chenile white. See ya.
  3. I have used tie tube flies system . Ill open a cavity in the back of the popper. And used superglue or zapagap to fixed them. See ya.
  4. Hi! Long time no see eh? My new popper patterns. In the 2/0 gamakatsu short shank hook. front top view. eye detail. Red one detail. fast rig popper. My favorite. The slider. all were made of balsa wood turning. See ya!
  5. I use. 3 hours Zpoxy coat. On my poppers.
  6. Hi There! How long time. Eh?!!!! My ultimate slider diver. the Red Dragon. See ya!
  7. Sad notice. Go bless you Mark Delaney. Good bye and thank you. Vailla con Dios.
  8. Hi! The summer is over. But that does not mean that the fish are becoming less active at this time of year. It is in the fall where love fish snooks. The Tucunar├ęs (peacock bass). They are more like warm water. We have many places in the country where the water temperature lowers noa more than 20 degrees celcius. But it is the most distant of where I live now. Good Here are some flies I use for the snooks and peacock bass. The bunny deceiver. Sparkle Shrimp. Gloss minnow. bozo shrimp sparkle clouser. Long Diver.
  9. Oh thanks. I post the step by step soon. See ya!
  10. I make this flies to bass, peacock bass and snooks. A flexo minnow variation. I use holographic adesive to shape his head. Looks like a sardine. Or anchovy. Weagle bugger. I love this for peacock bass. 1/0 3/0 mustad 34011 1/0 Others crease fly variations. For snooks. My prototype of a articulated crease fly. Crawdad for largemouth bass. See ya.
  11. The spring was begun here. Time to catch bass in surface. Or peacock bass. Mouse Flexo minnow Crease-fly pattern "lambari " See ya.
  12. Nice work! Great! :headbang:
  13. Hello there! Excuse me for too late answer to you. Let's go. 1. do you have a link that you learned how to paint those from if not, do you know any links that could give me an idea? -I have experience with airbrush therefore I have much time work with illustration and aeromodelism. And for happiness I finished being interested itself for fishes and therefore I started to make lures. But I do not have no tip of link for passing to you. 2. do u paint those with a airbrush? -Yes. I used one. But you can also use spray paint too. 3. what do u use to coat them? -I used a 3 hours epoxy coat to finish. 4. what type of paint do u use? (enamel, acrylic...) -In this case I use belive or not to base a black acrylic. to make the skin I use white gouahe(for airbrush) superficially a cheese clotch. And to color I use ecoline ink. 5. how do u get it so realistic? -Answer in the top. 6. those are freakin awesome!!! -Thanks! did you to make yes. e with certainty will go to make incredible things. See ya!
  14. Other fishskin popper series. the minnow pencil firetiger snake. top view The "RED DRAGON" Mini Dragon slider See ya.
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