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  1. So the doctor asks him if he's been doing anything different or unusual.He says nope.not really.Just watching porn and eating cheetos.
  2. I finally found a pack of 10 double edge razor blades at a grocery store for 3 bucks.They are kroger brand.
  3. Hey Hammer,another great vid as usual.Ive been meanin to get around to tellin you how much I appreciate the time and effort you put into these.I have watched pretty much all of them and just wanted to say thanks.I look forward to seein every one.
  4. Glass beads from the craft stores have worked well for me on BG flies without dropping too fast.A little wire can help balance the fly and toughen up the body also.
  5. You know that little moment in time when you feel that little shock runnin down the rod when your hook encounters somethin solid?Thats not it.Its that little moment right after that when you realize its not a stump or a rock,whether its that explosive surge or that slow movement of somethin that doesent know its hooked or that first head shake when it realizes its hooked.Thats the thing that will make me go back time and again and replays in my head even when Im sleepin.
  6. This is a nasty lookin bug(compliment of the highest order)The enlarged photo made me want to bite the screen.!I dont know how a fish would resist smashin this thing.
  7. I have some 3D fabric paint from a craft store that might be cool to experiment with.It dries water proof and it can be built up in layers.(takes along while to harden)Ihave used it for eyes on poppers and have textured some popper bodies and its pretty durable,a coat of sallys clear nail polish(or 3)holds up really good after it hardens.Might be worth tryin.
  8. Im thinkin any one that catches carp on a fly should be eligible for pro status. I know that when Fish Shaman raises his wand every carp in the vicinity disappears.(poof)
  9. Ya mean to tell me my cousins are datin somebody else?!I didnt even know they were married!Ya caint trust em, ya caint love em!
  10. Hi FB,Funds mostly.The 25 horse on my16 ft jon boat is down and both my batteries need replacing.This boat is too big to paddle much Also my favorite river is the ogeechee and down here is below the plant that discharges (still bein allowed to by the way)into the river.Last few years have had many fish die(and many other species)and restrictions over eating said fish.Ponds can be tough from the bank and not too many around here.look forward to talkin with ya.
  11. Nose hair?Wow.Im gonna have to rethink how obsessed with fly tyin I could get. I would think even the rabbit would be impressed with the number of shades and variety of textures that were carefully harvested from its face!Just to keep things simple,I was gonna snip a piece of hide from a hares ear and hook it like bait. (maybe not)
  12. Sounds like a lot of good info here,and I wouldnt be much help beyond that.Ive only been fly fishin for about 3 years and if I get 50 feet out with a four weight Im doin good.A decent quality line can help and cleaning a dirty line doesnt hurt.Occasionally the wind dies down and I hear music in my head,I might get 60 feet out.
  13. A little seven dust should take care of dem vegemites for ya.Just kiddin.Just out of curiosity,what kind of critters are imbru and marmites?
  14. This is a neat lookin pattern.I would like to see it move in the water and i would bet that after bein chewed on would just look injured and keep on catchin
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