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My name is Tracy.I was born and raised in southeast Georgia.Still here(Savannah).We had family with a farm in Metter,GA and I grew up fishin in two ponds that were on that farm.I dont really remember catching my first fish but im pretty sure I wiped my hands on my diaper after I threaded that red wiggler on the hook the way daddy showed me to.I was well trained in the ways of bait fishing and later came lures.Years later my wifes father (after some begging and such)took me fishing on the Ogeechee river which he had fished much of his life.I love this river and have been fishing it ever since.The bluegill and redbreast are my passion.Crappie was my fathers passion and we learned alot fishing this river together after my introduction to the Ogeechee.Over the years I have changed a lot and so has my tackle!Late in 2009 I bought a fly tying kit to learn to tie crappie jigs for my dad.August 2010 my dad passed away.I was kind of lost for a while but I kept myself busy learning to tie and then how to fish with a flyrod.Fishing is an integral part of who I was then and who Iam now.This last sentence is probably all you really needed to know about me.

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