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  1. Thanks guys. Yes the "head" is the one thing I've been trying to work on. I've been trying to not build them up too much cause I don't want them to be bulky. I guess its just getting a happy medium and ill be good.
  2. While bored at home I came up with 2 more ideas...let me know what you think!! I call this one "Flshdance" I call this one "Shiney Disco Balls"
  3. Thanks, I did in fact wind the marabou (as I recall that is called palmered??) The third color is very hard to see in the pic, its a light shade of pink in between the hot pink and the white. Ive been trying to collect supplies so I can do some different patterns and my hat goes off to you guys....this rabbit hole I have fallen into is getting deeper and deeper by the day. lol. I now have a ton of stuff but it just doesn't seem to be enough...I think it's now an addiction. hahaha Thanks for the encouragement guys. Several of you guys have mentioned that this will work for bass, anyone think Steelhead/salmon might enjoy it? Thats primarily what I tied it for.
  4. Hey guys, new to the forum and new to fly tying...here is my first. Let me know what you think, I didn't go off of a pattern I just started tying what I thought would work. Tied it on a #2 Orvis hook and used 3 different colors of marabou, would have added flash and a body but it's all I had to work with at the time. Sorry for the crap picture, had to take it with my cell phone.
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