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  1. Thanks I guess I have nothing to worry about Mihai
  2. Anybody debarbed mustad hooks ?I'm especialy looking at the 94840.. Got to tie a bunch of flies to use in some flyfishing contests, and we're only allowed to use barbles hooks.I've looked at several other brands, and the price of barbles hooks seems a bit exagerated.Can I deal with a 2pound fish (maximum) on such a hook? I've used mustads C49S and absolutely love them, but with dry fly hooks I have little experiences with mustads.. From what I've seen, mustads tend to bend when you aply to much presure on them, while I had other brands that broke sudently(which I find more disturbing than bending).Got some daichii's and tmc that broke when I hit a rock with the fly, or when stuck in snags(never happened with mustad). So far I love mustads, but I'm unsure about debarbing.. :dunno: Mihai
  3. I've recieved my package last week, and all I can say is WOW :bugeyes: The meddals are more than wonderfull ,the reel is something I never seen before and the flybox really cool(plus the FTF logo on it looks realy good on it) I could never thank you enogh.Thank you for this great site, thank you Will for all your eforts, thanks to the sponsors and everybody involved in this.
  4. France,Finland,Sweden... mine should be here any day now :jumpy:
  5. redkid

    wader sizes

    http://www.sexyloops.com/articles/killerwader.shtml :dunno:
  6. Ohhh man !!! Just saw this.. Graham your talent is simply astonishing !!!! :bugeyes: :bugeyes: :bugeyes: Your ties are one of a kind, and this turtle is perfect. Man I dont know how you did the colouring, did you skinned a liittle turtle to dress your hook ?
  7. I'm with you on this one Graham,great bunch of flies!! I said it before and I'll say it again, thoese salmon flies were great!!! I realy have a lot o respect for thoese guys :headbang: , maybe some day I'll get into tying something like that. Congratulations to all the participants and to the winners. Utkin tied a reealy great looking fly,never thought I'll be above him in the overall, and what can I say about France Fly's fly.. perfect!? :dunno: .Cerrtainly, from my poin of view it is! Ulf, your fly realy looks great,you realy deserve that prize.. how about version number 2 Thank you for the congrats Graham! can't wait for the next year contest, maybe I'll start tying a little earlier, Christmas isn't the best time for tying.. Mihai
  8. Congratulations France Fly , you realy deserve that, you tied an awesome fly !!! :thumbup: And thank you again Will for all your efforts! Mihai
  9. Great job Will !!! Thank you for your hard work! And congratulations to all the participants and the winners . What a great collection of flies :bugeyes: Thank you for voting my flies also,I still cant believe one of my flies won a category Mihai
  10. which one should I count twice ? :dunno: :j_k: I think the first one, it's realy cool... Now about pike flies.. Anybody has some paterns that can be cast with a 4/5 wt ? I have some small pikes around, but I dont think it's worth to get a 7 or 8wt to throw thoese 6 inch flies a couple of times a year. Thanks, Mihai
  11. Just like last year, It's less than a week until the deadline and I have nothing(no flies and little inspiration to tie) It's gonna be close,will start tying this weekend and hope to come up with something good.I will try to enter some flies anyway cuz it is fun .Hope I wont have mailing problems like last year.. Good luck tying everyone, and Happy Holidays !!!
  12. Anybody can point me to some info about mating ephemera's ? It will be great if you had some pictures with them.. Maybe it's a foolish question,but when do they mate?when they are duns or spinners ? I'm intrested in the body position and I want to know how do the male grabs to the female.. Body/tail/wing/etc. dimensions would be great !!! Thanks !!
  13. :headbang: :headbang: The scaryest looking spider I've ever seen !!! :bugeyes: :bugeyes: Perfect Graham, PERFECT !!!!
  14. Hey Ulf, I think you are right,sounds like the same material :thumbsup: .It's a little stiff and sometimes hard to work with,but looks kind of cool I think.I wanted to use VN but didn't have any so this was what came to my hand. I realy like your nymphs!!! :headbang: My paterns are just general paterns,I change the colours and size to match different species.. but you!!! you have an imitation for every species. Cool!!! Anyway.. how do they work for you? Sometimes I'm pissed, beacuse I have "such a close imitation", but apart from the insect I'm imitating fish usualy eat all sort of insects,and here we go back to the ole' GRHE :hyst: Mihai
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