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  1. Very nice tying! Where did you get this pattern? It doesn't match up with any of Glasso's patterns. This must be your variation?
  2. I agree with Mark. I have been having the same problem. Will not buy their brand any more.
  3. Horseshoes, by all means post them. There is also a spin-off of this forum. It is www.classicflytying.com and has a streamer & wet fly section. Full of postings of classic streamers by some of the best tyers out there. Also, a site devoted strictly to streamer tying is www.streamerlist.com (this is the best site). Good luck, I look forward to seeing some of your flies.
  4. If you are looking for great tyers who have published books, I don't see Uncle Dickie Talleur, who just passed away last year, and the Master Bob Veverka who is still alive and kicking. Dick published many books and videos, and Bob has been in Bates books and published his own on Spey flies.
  5. Very nice and simple! I will definetely give them a try this spring.
  6. One of two flies I tied up for my Florida fishing buddy.
  7. Okay Salty, I really appreciate the advice. Here it is with an Epoxy head. Think I will stick with the compact wing though. may tie another one with a fanned out profile. Cheers, Joel
  8. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by joelst: SW Mickey Finn
  9. THANKS!!!!!!!This a great post! wonderful sites and info. i will be checking them out the next couple of weeks for sure. Am going down to the Ft. Myers, Naples area in May and need to get some flies ready. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Joelst
  10. Frank, Great job!Always a treat to see your work. I just bgot back on this forum after a long absence over on the long hhok place. Joelst
  11. I would say that you have Spey flies down pat. Very excellent and unusual tie! Joelst
  12. Not much I can add. Wonderful tie, and as Frank says, great flow! Joelst :yahoo:
  13. Wicked looking spey! Excellent job tying, and great use of colors. This is how a spey should look in my book! :yahoo:
  14. joelst


    If you are going to buy some Toluene, then get a tube of Household Goop, thin it with the toluene, and you have almost the same thing as Softex. Use just like Epoxy. Cheers, Joelst
  15. Frank, Excellent job! best I have seen in a long time. Even us old timers need a refresher course now and then from you young whippersnappers! Are you going to tie at the TGFF in sept.? I am on the list and look forward to going back. Hope you will be there. Now I just need to get time for spey flies. been doing a lot of Saltwater tying for a friend of mine. Cheers, Joel
  16. I was fishing for snook & tarpon and kept catching sea trout. I was using a white e.p. fiber type streamer with a little pearl krystal flash and dome eyes. Simple but very effective. Couldn't keep the sea trout off the hook! Joelst
  17. Just got back from Bonita Springs last month and a White Gurglar was the Hot fly for site casting to schools of snook in the surf.Unbelievable! Joelst
  18. Goop does dry out & get very thick quickly. I put household goop in a small head cement bottle and add a little toluene to it. This makes a great cement also used to cover the heads like epoxy & Softex; but it stays flexible.Try it some time. Joelst
  19. Will, almost missed it! Have a wonderful birthday!!!Hope you can go fishing very, very soon. It does eventually get warm in the seven hills of Cincy!No kidding! even in the Eastern side. joel :hyst: :hyst:
  20. :headbang: If i remember correctly, they bought out Bill Hunter's Fly Shop. They are outstanding. They will go out of tgheir way to ensure you get the best quality materials! I have never had a bad experience with them since they took over Bill Hunter's shop; and I bought from Hunter's for many, many years. Even took a class or two from guys like Veverka and Talleur! joelst :yahoo:
  21. Bob Marriott's fly shop carries it. joelst
  22. :headbang: :headbang: Craig Mathews is 1st class. Materials always first class. Can't go wrong! I have been buying from them for many years. joel :yahoo:
  23. :baby: Check is in the mail today! thanks so much! joelst
  24. joelst

    Nikon FG

    Little laker, thanks for the site. Just what I was looking for. I will have lots of spare parts this way. Won't be long and this will be an antique. I love the results I used to get with it. Old dogs still like to do it "Their Way". nothing like manual settings. Thanks again. joelst (an Old dog)
  25. :help: I have an old Nikon FG that my daughter took to Utah rock climbing, and somehow lost the push button mechanism. The par5ts that go under the shutter button. Nikon no longer makes parts for this camera. I have looked at local camera shops with no luck., and am wary of buying from e-bay. Anybody have any suggestions where I can acquire the parts, or can buy an old camera for parts. My Nikon is actually in great condition otherwise, and I have a bit of money tied up in lenses and filters. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, joelst
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