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  1. If you are looking for great tyers who have published books, I don't see Uncle Dickie Talleur, who just passed away last year, and the Master Bob Veverka who is still alive and kicking. Dick published many books and videos, and Bob has been in Bates books and published his own on Spey flies.

  2. I was fishing for snook & tarpon and kept catching sea trout. I was using a white e.p. fiber type streamer with a little pearl krystal flash and dome eyes. Simple but very effective. Couldn't keep the sea trout off the hook!


  3. Goop does dry out & get very thick quickly. I put household goop in a small head cement bottle and add a little toluene to it. This makes a great cement also used to cover the heads like epoxy & Softex; but it stays flexible.Try it some time.

    Joelst :rolleyes:

  4. :P :D :headbang: If i remember correctly, they bought out Bill Hunter's Fly Shop. They are outstanding. They will go out of tgheir way to ensure you get the best quality materials! I have never had a bad experience with them since they took over Bill Hunter's shop; and I bought from Hunter's for many, many years. Even took a class or two from guys like Veverka and Talleur!

    joelst :yahoo:

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