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  1. :D Little laker, thanks for the site. Just what I was looking for. I will have lots of spare parts this way. Won't be long and this will be an antique. I love the results I used to get with it. Old dogs still like to do it "Their Way". nothing like manual settings.

    Thanks again. joelst (an Old dog)

  2. :help: I have an old Nikon FG that my daughter took to Utah rock climbing, and somehow lost the push button mechanism. The par5ts that go under the shutter button. Nikon no longer makes parts for this camera. I have looked at local camera shops with no luck., and am wary of buying from e-bay. Anybody have any suggestions where I can acquire the parts, or can buy an old camera for parts. My Nikon is actually in great condition otherwise, and I have a bit of money tied up in lenses and filters.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, joelst

  3. :P :D Well Guys, thanks for the advice. I am going to build one and try it out; but I have already asked my wife and daughters to get me the Light Tent for Xmas. Hopefully they will make my flies look better .

    So many fun things to do, and so little time. Hurry up retirement so I can get more done. You are right John, you can go broke on this photography thing.


  4. :D Bruno, welcome to the best group of guys on the internet! They are not only great tyers, but great individuals as well. We look forward to your posts. No habla espanol much anymore. Taught English as a 2nd language for 2 years and really enjoyed it; my students tried to teach me spanish as I was teaching them English, but they finally gave up on trying to teach an old man spanish. :crying:


  5. :hyst: :hyst: Guys,have to put my two cents worth in also: my favorite fly for hot,bright sunny days used to be a white, quill-winged Royal Coachman dry. Always worked when nothing else did.Guess some of us got lazy, and just quit tying them. Now that you guys have jogged my memory bank, Iwill tie some up for next summer!!joelst

  6. :yahoo: Hi guys! I have been trying since yesterday to post to the forum and nothing has been going thru. They removed a 7x3 inch mass from my colon and the whole left side. I now weigh 156 lbs vs 194 several months ago. Call me Skinny!!I haven't been able to sit at my computer desk because of the stitches in my abdomen. 18 staples! yesterday was the first day i could sit at the desk. But the doc said it tested negative for cancer.I just heard from Chris Del Plato, alias Sherlock Holmes.Don't ask!chris tracked me down.He said none of my posts have shown up from yesterday or this morning. So, hopefully this one will show up.

    Thank you guys for all the prayers and good wishes. I dreamt about flies and the forum in the hospital. Pretty sad huh?Just kidding. I did have a good looking young nurse, young enough to be my daughter. really makes you feel old.

    Gonna tie a streamer tomorrow!

    thanks again for everything! joel

  7. :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: Congratulations Andy! You are a truly blessed man! Hold off on buying waders till he can walk; and don't let him play with any hooks! However, you can buy him a fishing vest! I am still waiting on my first grandchild, but I have already bought HIM a truck, a basketball, and a football! My daughter says she's only going to have girls! we'll see!

    god bless your family, joelst :yahoo:

  8. :dunno: I was reading the post on treating feathers by subspecie and I remembnered that my brother in law gave me a couple of pheasants he shot last fall. They are in plastic bags in my deep freeze in the garage. I went and pulled them out. They are like rocks and there's some frozen moisture/water on some parts of the bodies. What is the best way to thaw them out so i can pluck some good feathers? hopefully I haven't ruined them by leaving them in there so long. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.



  9. :( :( I will be going in next Thursady for a Colonectomy. They are going to remove my sigmoid colon, at least the whole left side. I will be in the hospital for a whole week, and then home for several weeks. They told me I can sit at a computer, and maybe my fly tying desk after about a week at home. Gonna try to tie up a streamer or two before I go in this weekend. The only reason I am writing this is because this forum is an unbelievably Great bunch of guys. It is an absolute joy to participate. Years ago I used to have to write letters to people to trade ideas and tricks of the trade. I have never seen a better group of tyers, and I have been lucky enough to be taught by the likes of Talleur, Veverka, and Shewey. You Guys ROCK!!!!!


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