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  1. Took me a while, bit I finally got around to tying this with the J.C. that chris del plato suggested. You are right Chris, it does look much better. We adopted a pup from the local animal shelter. cross between a german shepherd and an Australian shepherd. My wife is a new person. really got her mind off of our old dog's passing. we have had him 2 months now and he is a hand full. maybe cause i'm getting old! wish i had that kind of energy.
  2. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by joelst: BuddySpecial#1
  3. :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: John, perfection is getting to be the norm with you on bodies. I only say that because i am jealous :hyst: :hyst: have never used kool aid, but i guess i will have to give it a try. joel
  4. I have framed about 50 flies over they years(gave them all to charities for auction). at first had complaints of feathers and even the fly falling off the glass pegs that I use, when they transport the framed fly from place to place. I finally found that art & photo shops sell a photo Fixative(non-acid base) that works great! I lightly spray the whole fly and haven't received a compalint since. joelst
  5. They are bright about the Sally hansen's. best stuff around; also on the goose. I have tried to order from John Mcclain but his web site is always out of stock of what i want. So, following the advice of many of you, I e-mailed him with my wish list several weeks ago. I have never received a reply from him. Is he still in business, does it always take a lo0ng time to get an answer? joelst :dunno: :dunno:
  6. :baby: :baby: :baby: John, it's very rare that we view perfection! Your body and ribbing are superb!The wing is Perfection! The hackle is superb! You can't get any better than this! My son-in-law to be went to West Virginia and he says: Right on Mountaineer!!!! Keep it up! joel
  7. :headbang: Excellent job! love the pb. joel
  8. Philip, the pattern for the foxfire is listed on page 201 of Joe Bates book "The Art of the Atlantic Salmon Fly".The black bear with a red butt is varied by a red-over black-hair tail, a black bear hair wing over a bit of red hair topped with a few peacock sword fibers, and a bright-red fairly long hackle collar. This pattern is called Foxfire. I am still working on the other one. joelst
  9. :baby: :baby:That is an old one! Beautiful job on the wing!low & wicked, the way John likes them. Love the little bit of recurve! This has inspired me to tie some dee & spey flies this weekend.Haven't done that in some time. Joelst
  10. :headbang: :headbang: Ray, very nice job! The yellow definitely compliments the purple. Excellent spacing on the ribbing; and on your first try too! Keep up the good work. look forward to seeing many more. joelst
  11. :crying: :headbang: :dunno: :headbang: Thanks guys for the efforts to save the old salmon flyer. I don't tie salmon flies or spey or dee flies for a while now. Seems this thing called vertigo keeps popping up and always when I'm concentrating on a good fly. I can usually get a streamer done in one session, but multiple sessions seem to bring on the Vertigo. Too much concentration, i don't know. Anyone else out there having trouble with Vertigo messing up their tying? Maybe you can put me onto some medicines that help. Right now i take Meclizine and it helps, but sometimes It lasts for a couple of days. H____ getting old! joelst
  12. :headbang: nice job! very nice job!looks professional to me. joelst
  13. Steelie is right. What I usually do is: 1. soak in a mixture of Woolite or Delicare(kroger's) and add a little bit of hydrogen peroxide to it. let soak nat least 2 hours. stir occasionnally. the feathers should be clean of any bugs, and/or blood, and the fibers will be more manageable when you use the feathers. joelst
  14. :bugeyes: :headbang: :bugeyes: John, you have not only 'set the bar" you have raised it a few notches higher. That should definitely be framed. The peacock sword and the body work are Superb! I used to try to emulate Ken Sawada for my wet flies, but you have now replaced him!!! Keep on!!! Joel
  15. :baby: :headbang: Beautiful concept, and a superb tying job! I think quite a few of us want some Curlew feathers! For someone who hasn't tied a streamer in a while, you haven't lost that "Magic Touch". joel
  16. Thanks for the kind comments guys! They are greatly appreciated. Chris, the Martinek Royal Marine is what inspired this. I love elver fthrs; by the way, I put double jungle cock because of your suggestion on the Buddy Special. I am going to retie the Buddy Special with JC and will post it when it's done. I am trying to put together some supplies. Going to Wisconsin for a week to tutor my nephew on fly tying and a little fly fishing. I've got 9 nephews, all fishermen in Milwaukee, but only one interested in fly tying. About time! I am really looking forward to this trip. I got his dad, a Milwaukee swat Team member, interested years ago when he was in high scholl, but then he met his wife, and between the police and 4 boys he just doesn't have time anymore. So, i am the lucky ONE!!!!! Chris, my wife agrees with you, it needed J.C. Joel
  17. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by joelst: Unnamed2
  18. Don, so sorry to hear aboutyour loss. My prayers are with you and your family. Joelst
  19. :crying: :baby: I have 2 copies. one is mint condition, still in the box it was shipped to me in, and unopened. someday i will put it up for sale. The other one i use and read all the time. Enjoy the book, and definitely use it!
  20. Feeling kinda down this week. Our dog who is 15, ate some of that Iams dog food and is having major kidney problems. spent all week at vets having his kidney's flushed. Vet sys may live a couple oif days or a couple of weeks. starting to finally respond. Thought i would tie something up for him.He was my 3 daughter's companion growing up, and our best friend. That's his picture last year with my wife and I. Amazing how attached you become.Anyway, decided to do something a little different. Not sure whether I should have added J.C. or not. Decided to leave them off. joelst
  21. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by joelst: Buddy's Special
  22. :headbang: :headbang: Now those are what I call serious MEAT flies! Just make sure you have a very strong tippet and good knots, cause when a big brown hits one of those, it will probably jerk the rod right out of your hands.Trust me, I have had it happen. Sweet dreams! joelst
  23. Beautiful fly!! I love the subtle color changes. Wing looks fine to me. Much too nice to fish. would i be asking too much to have you list the dressing? i have a real soft spot in my heart for spey flies.this one makes me want to start tying them again. haven't for about a year. been tying trout and bass and bluegill flies for this summer.
  24. :headbang: :headbang: Definitely one of your best peter. I love the cheeks! super job! Duane is right about the bucktail, so i only give you a 99.99999 on this one.Ha Ha! just joking! Beautiful fly, you have come a long way very quickly. Keep up the great work. joelst
  25. Hooray! you're back!!!!! no pun intended. glad to hear you are up and around. really nice fly. i know what it's like to finally be able to tie again, after a long illness. I hope your back continues to improve. I keep putting off my back surgery in hopes of a miracle. course i'll give it up if we get billy donovan to replace tubby! :crying: I watched o.j.mayo of huntington high school play the St. pat's i believe it was. man, that kid can play!!shame we couldn't recruit him. shame w. Va. couldn't get him either. look forward to seeing more of your flies. again,l great to see you back. joelst :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
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