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  1. :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: Great fly Peter! i always tell tyers to use the narrowest tinsel they can when tying a tinsel body. makes the transition from rear back forward a lot smoother. I sometimes help it out with a burnishing tool. I like the herl just where it is, but the deer belly could be a little longer. The cheek and j.c. do look a tad large in comparison to the wing feathers. My wife always tells me to back off and check the PERSPECTIVE, whatever that means. Seriously, these are only personal preferences. You are definitely an excellent tyer, and this is a beautiful fly.! Congratulations! keep it up!


  2. :baby: I never half hitch! don't trust it as a knot. I even whip finish at various stages of my fly to make sure it doesn't come apart in a fishes teeth. I have had many flies come partially apart, but they are still fishable, mostly I feel due to the numerous whip finish knots.Course I'm an old Fogey who is set in his ways. Oh yes, none bettr than Materelli. Original and still the best.



  3. :dunno: I hate to disagree with you guys, but European Jay and/or Asian Jay is legal to use for Hackle. I am assuming that when you say hackle, you mean as a throat or body hackle. The wing feathers are split and used as hackle on salmon flies. The American Blue Jay is NOT legal. you can get the other jays from any salmon material dealer.

    Sorry guys, I guess I am agreeing with you.

    joelst :crying:

  4. :crying: Chris, I have two unopened bottles sitting in my dining room, waiting for a rainy day.Now you tell me the wine isn't that great! Maybe i can use them for vinegar? The labels have a Royal Coachman and a Winter's Hope. Actually I bought them for the labels, so I guess I shouldn't complain.


  5. :hyst: :hyst: Ipod? don't own one.My computer is next to my fly tying desk. When I want to listen to music I paly it from the computer.Have about 1400 songs on hard drive. Used to be a napster freak way back when. 3 dog night, CCR, Bob Seger. When I've been sniffing too much head cement, I usually play "One toke over the line, sweet Jesus, one toke over the line".Doesn't get any better!!


  6. :dunno: I have all 3 also, but for some strange reason I bought 2 of the Forgotten Flies. It is still in the original plastic wrap. Sealed, never opened! I look at the first one and dream a lot. You can't help but go into a daze looking at the Beautiful ART!!! I seriously doubt that there will ever be another series done this well. What am I going to do with the 2nd copy? no idea. So far my daughters enjoy fishing with me, but they are not interested in tying yet. they are in their late 20's. maybe when they get older and get men off their minds! I hOPE!! If you can find it for $250 or $300, and you have money to burn, buy it. You will never regret it!

    joelst :yahoo:

  7. B) B) Peter, better & better!practice makes perfect. Chris(who by the way, I think isoneof the best streamer tyers around today) is right about the 8x hooks. Tying CS streamers on 6x hooks is a challenge. As to the length of the bucktail, that I think is a matter of personal style. R.Emmett Johnson, who is an excellent tyer, brings his just barely past the hook bend. Marcelo Morales who tied many of the C.S. flies in Forgotten Flies,brings his a little past some of the time, and quite a bit past other times. Mike Boyer, another great tyer, just barely past the hook bend. i usually try for just past the hook bend. Study the different tyers and look at the little things such as bucktail length, wing length( now there's another subject entirely).

    i try to emulate people like Bob veverka, mike martinek, mike boyer, and chris del plato. keep on tying!!!

    joelst :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  8. :yahoo: Griff, I wish more men were like you and spent time with their children, especially Daughters! They are very special and need a good male role model for when they pick their husbands. I have three daughters and they came before my career. First my wife, then my daughters, then my job. It paid off! they have picked outstanding young men, and are wonderful ladies that I am really proud of. I remember when they turned 16 and discovered boys. That was the end of their fishing for a while.;but when they reached their twenties it changed back. You will always cherish these moments and those pictures.Being a good DAD is what it's all about. Take care and be sure to share more pictures with us every once in a while.


  9. :P Thanks for all the nice comments! They are greatly appreciated. John, I planned on dropping by more often, but the docs said i was doing really better, so they switched me from Toporal(beta blocker) to some generic thing and i had an allergic reaction! no fun at all! couldn't quite finction right for a short time. put me back on the other stuff, and now i am back to normal. Why do they use us like guinea pigs? Antway, tying flies is therapeutic, or so I keep telling my wife.

    Will keep on tying and posting till I run out of materials.

    thanks, again, joelst :D :D :D

  10. <_< I agree with Ted Patlen. Many times I use dry fly necks, but Ialso like Whiting American hen and Rooster Capes. As you progress thru the years you will develop your own style, which most likely will be nothing like what you are doing now.For years i copied Veverka and Martinek, then Shewey and Talleur. Finally I think I have my own style, which is simply a combination of all of the aforesaid tyers. Good luck, I am sure I haven't really been any help, but listen to all the guys out there, they are all correct.

    L.O.L. joelst :P

  11. i found some old streamer necks that i had stashed away in the basement this weekend. they are kind of twisted and out of shape. will steaming straighten them out? or do i have to wash and then dry them between some newspapers? will either of these methods work/ maybe somebody knows a better method. thanks ina dvance for any help you can give. they are at least 15-20 years old, but outside of the shape, are still o.k.


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