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  1. Al, this sounds great!! i too, have arthritis in my hands(63 yr old hands next week)what kind of operation is it? i ahve trouble tying anything smaller than a size 16. sometimes i can't straighten my fingers out. appreciate you letting me know what they call the surgery. maybe there's hope for me. best of luck, and a few prayers too.


  2. :crutch: Steelie, i ahve been recovering from gall bladder surgery and heart attack for the past few weeks, so i can sympathize. as soon as i was able to sit at my fly tying desk i was tying away! great therapy! ! Think positive, and pray!!! it does work! i will send you a few flies, which kind do you prefer, horse flies or house flies?? squashed or smashed?? got lots of them here in Ky. taste best when they are sauteed in a little bourbon!! :hyst: :hyst: :hyst: seriously, i hope all goes well with the pt. anything i can realistically do to cheer you up besides flies, jes holler!!!


  3. Hi everyone,

    i am sitting here reading everything on this forum that i have missed in the last 6 mths. i am recuperating from a heart attack and gall bladder operation combined. on jan.9th, on my way to work i started having chest pains, couldn't breathe, and felt like i had a 100 lb salmon sitting on my chest. turned around and drove to my doctor's office, she took one look and had her nurse drive me to the hospital. nitro tabs are wonderful. they really work! found out i had 70% blockage, but they couldn't do an angioplasty because i also had a bad gall bladder with big stones and some polyps. took my gall bladder out last week. am able to sit at computer and my tying bench. go back to heart doc next week and then he can work on my ticker. in meantime am tying an hour at a time. hurts to sit there very long. good thing is my blood pressure is doing fine. doc said it's the fly tying. really relaxs me. moral of the story, tie more and avoid heart problems! keep reading about this rhea hackle stuff. trying to track some down.

    i started tying in 1967 and learned to tie salmon flies by reading old books and corresponding with various tyers. need to get better so i can go out to Montana and see my youngest daughter graduate from law school May 20th. i have two other daugters, but this one is a little extra special! she spent more than half her life going to Schriner's childrens hospital here in Lex., ky. and wearing a special back brace from her butt to her neck 23 hrs a day for 10 yrs. only take it off to take a shower. sometimes at night would wake up to hear her crying because of the pain.life is a Bi _ _ _! She still has problems but has learned to make the most out of life while she can and to be thankful for what she does have.

    Anyway, sorry for the sob story, but now she will have a Masters in Environmental Studies and an Environmental Law degree! The University ahs recommended her to be a Legal Assistant to the Congressman from that area(don't even know his name). I don't think i want her living in D.C. Now she wants to learn to fly fish!So!!! when I am out there in May, i am going to take her on Rock Creek.

    anybody know any other small streams that would be safe for her to wade? any help will be greatly appreciated.

    sorry to run on like this, but have been doing a lot of thinking and evaluating my life lately, and realize i havebeen very blessed with my wife and my girls, and i need to thank God for what i do have and have had.

    fly tying and fly fishing have been a big part of my life and i have great memories of fishing with my other daughters. just want one more fishing memory in May!!

    Enjopy life while you can and make the most of it, especially fly tying and fishing.!!!!!

    joel stansbury

  4. Ronnie, absolutely! prayers are the best medicine. I have a daughter who has been going to Shriner's hospital for years for scoliosis. wore a body suit from her neck to her thighs for years. backs are tricky. will pray for a successful surgery and that you are fishing by spring.


  5. I frame them and then donate them to various charities for auction; such as Trout Unlimited for their annual banquet and also mthly mtgs to raise funds. I also donate some every year to my high school that they raffle off to raise funds. you will be surprised how many palces will be glad to raffle them off. you will be even more amazed at bhow much they will get for one fly nicely framed. naturally i only frame the best ones. the rest get trashed. i have been doing this for about fifteen years and maanged to dispose of a lot of flies.

    joel stansbury :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang:

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