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  1. Thanks for all the nice comments. this is my 2nd submission. couple of old flys i had laying around. haven't been able to tie for the past yr. health & family reasons; tough to get old! 30yrs(i think?can't remember too good these days) don't think we had compooters back then, had to use the MAIL svc to exchange ideas, or that telephony contraption! anybody remember those? what's wireless? how does anything work without a cord? started sorting out old fthers last night, next thing i knew it was past my bedtime. will try to start tying again tomorrow. been a long time! thanks for the encouragement. this site has made me want to tie again. Arthritis go to you know where!!!!


  2. This was my first summission. thanks for all your kind comments. Ro, the red comes from pricking my finger with the dubbing needle. does everyone donate blood like i do? awesomw web site! where were computers 30 yrs ago when i started. learning a lot from you guys by looking at the flies.

    thanks again from a redneckdown in the hills of Ky.


  3. Bud, persinally i think that the head is about perfect. nowadays, too many tyers get hung up on head size. what mattersis that visually, it is in proportion to the rest of the fly. Yours is! I have tied flies with heads thta at first seem too big, but after i walk away, take a deep breath, and look at it not as the tyer, but someone looking at it for the first time, it usually looks o.k. Syd Glasso has some large heads on some of his flies, i have even seen a larhe head on some of Bob veverka's, and he is a master at small heads.

    If you are still displeased with it, send it to me, and i will frame it and put a little brass plate with your name on it and add it to my collection of famous tyers. Right next to John Shewey's Halloween Heron and Veverka's Balmoral.

    tight lines!



  4. :) very nice fly! glad you are getting back to normal. i amnew and have been trying to read all the past posts. getting a big headache. i am trying to learn to photograph my flies. bought an olympus c-750 ultra zoom. will shoot macros at 8". what size should i use when shooting? i noticed your picture is 640 x 480 in acdsee 6.0 i also have that program. do i shoot at a higher resolution and then reduce it, or shoot at 640 x 480/ any advice will be greatly appreciated. i am an old geezer trying to learn new tricks from you youngsters.


  5. yahoo.gif Excellent job! you should frame this one and auction it off for the hurricane relief! i have donated most of my framed flies to charity auctions. My daughters compalin that I need to save one for each of them. so far my heart always gives in to the charities. guess i better make time for my girls before i pass away or get too old to tie.


  6. biggrin.gif hi ya'all. i am a true blue redneck from lexington, ky. home of the wildcats! lived in many places, many states. born in Cinti, Ohio. fished Pa.,Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Ky., and most recently Montana. been tying flies so long i remember when GOOD jungle cock necks cost $20.00. You could buy Heron hackles from Veniard's without any problem. My big love is Steelhead & Salmon flies. Have been lucky to get lessons from Talleur and Veverka. Awesome Gentlemen! but i'm still just a clutz! This is a great site. the more you share knowledge the more you personally benefit. looking forward to sharing the meager amount of knowledge i accumalated over the past 40 or so years.


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