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  1. hello everyone sgt thompson here. all is well in iraq for the time being. they have been keeping us really busy. all of my buddies cant wait to start tying the only problem is we dont have any vices. if anyone could help us out it would be great. ill stay in touch. thanks again sgt. thompson
  2. hello everyone it is sgt thompson. I cant wait to start tying. Ive recieved a bunch of materials but i still havent gotten any tools or thread. If there are any packages on the way let me know otherwise i dont mind buying this stuff. I just dont want to buy something that is already on the way. all the guys here really appreciate everything you have sent already and cant wait to start tying as well. so just let me know what is on the way and ill buy whatever else it is i need. I appreciate everything you have already done thanks. sgt thompson
  3. hello everybody its me sgt thompson. sorry it has been a while we have been pretty busy and our internet was down for a little while. I have a couple of my buddies over here really excited to start tying and we cant wait to get the packages. we already recieved your book al and some material from shaq. we thank you all and cant wait to get the rest of the packages so we can start tying. too bad we will have to still wait a while to see if our flies work. might be a little too risky to fish the tigris right now thanks again sgt thompson and the guys at the 306th
  4. hello everyone wow what can I say except for thanks. I came to this site for just a bit if information on tying tools and tips and really didnt expect this. I told a bunch of guys in my unit about it and they cant believe it either. I really appreciate all of the support from everyone here. also anything you guys send would be great. i do a lot of trout fishing, also small and large mouth bass. well thanks again. dan sgt thompson daniel 306th mp bn apo ae 09342
  5. hello everyone my name is sgt thompson and i just started fly fishing in the last two years or so but have not learned how to tie flies. I am currently deployed in iraq and figured now is as good a time as any to learn and maybe help pass the time by. I dont really know where to start though. I would appreciate any information on what books to get my hands on or equipment i might need to get started. Thank you if you can help. dan
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