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  1. Wow, very very nice! :headbang: I really couldn´t tell if you used gossamer on this or not. Only the head size gave a little hint, although it´s not even big yet. Altogether you truly did a great job on this! Miikka
  2. Nice little fly with a very nice shape! Miikka
  3. Thank you folks! You really shouldn´t like it! :hyst: By this i mean it is actually much worse than it looks in the pic- i think i selected the hackle feather not quite carefully enough. The shape is good, yes, but the fibers just wont obey and bend properly. Especially on the fourth rib the fibers are actually sticking out in all directions with no sense. The hackle is leaning on the backround, that´s why it looks good in the pic.
  4. Very beautiful! Great job altogether!
  5. Just great stuff- you must be quite a wizard to tie a fly like that WITH GOSSAMER! Very impressing. Miikka
  6. Very interesting stuff there- can´t wait to see the fly finished! Have to try tying in hand for myself too at some time. Miikka
  7. Wow, a real nice one Dave! You´re a machine! :ban: Miikka
  8. Welcome aboard Fabrizio! You did a great job on the fly! :thumbsup: Miikka
  9. Very beautifyl tying Bruno! Nice job on the floss there! One thing i would suggest is to tie the wing a bit lower- i think you could get the wing´s tip follow the edge of the crest very nicely and wipe out the gap overthere. Miikka
  10. Hi there guys! Sorry i haven´t been posting on the forum for a very long while, i´ve been busy. I´ll try to fix my behaviour a bit. Here´s my latest fly which i finished yesterday- i think it´s the first one from me since last december or something. Hope you like it! I´ll maybe post a better pic later on. Here´s a link to the same pic in a bit better resolution.
  11. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Miqu: Beresford´s Fancy
  12. Just great stuff Long! One of the nicest Jocks i´ve seen. I really agree this new version is much better than the previous one, which is already awesome! Keep it up man!
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