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  1. A great wee pattern for June, July & August as Davie says which can represent many species on our Ayrshire rivers and lochs! The things about this spinner its so easy to tie with minimum tying materials
  2. My god im surprised that 5th down fly doesnt come with a flick knife and stab the trout that looks at it thats what you call attitude on a fly ! nice tying !
  3. Good idea! Im gonna buy a cpl of these white and black bristles Good thinking sir ....
  4. Ahh paintbrush fibres for the end tails why didnt think of this earlier ? Thanks.
  5. I found this guy on vimeo but dont know if he's been shown before on here but his mayfly is really realistic and well constructed. He speaks spanish or something at the beginning and then just ties the fly but you can see what materials and techniques he uses REALISTIC MAYFLY Does anyone know what materials he uses for the detached body and tail ends plus the wing materials?
  6. Great thinking ma friend ;-) Im always looking at everyday objects and new ways to come up with body formations, wings & legs! BUT this is a fast easy way to get an Ant body that Ive over looked
  7. very very nicely tied spiders with the added Jungle Cock feather to give a great white/black hackle ;-)
  8. This is an easy pattern to copy but i prefer to use brown and cream colours for the caddis
  9. Id agree thats a Prince Nymph as i tie mine very similar to that pattern!
  10. Hi Guys, Just found this site and it looks packed with some nice stuff! Im gonna enjoy it on here Im mainly a trout fisher in the streams of scotland with dry flies but i am getting into fishing lochs with lures and wet flies which is very interesting and also tying wet and lures is fifferent as well! Arthur.
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