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  1. Hi everyone. Bud asked me to post this for him. He still doesn't have electricity from the last storm and isn't sure when he will get it back, let alone his computer service. Please hold off on sending him any flies for the swap right now. He'll be back on line soon and will advise you when to send them. He's sorry for the inconvenience but his area was hit hard with Gustav and they are bracing for Ike. Lets keep our fingers crossed that Ike misses them. John McLain
  2. Hey Matt Like I told you yesterday it is my favorite, favorite. I'm also quite taken with Bud's Popham even with the slight flaw. I guess you guy's will have to duel it out with Owenmores or something. (Darn that Jamie) John
  3. Bud It appears as if you have tied a real "Classic" and as you know the Popham is my favorite fly. I also love the large picture. As Damian says you can see itty-bitty detail. Actually I see what may be the flie's only flaw. It appears as if there is a criss-cross strand of thread in the underbody about the 4th or 5th layer down approximately 123 wraps to the right of the rear butt. It's beautiful! John
  4. Sorry you guys. We wiped out the flock and Bud now has all the feathers. I guess he has something special planned. Hi Mike, it nice to see you here. John
  5. Matt You have set the bar a little too high for most of us now. You never cease to amaze me. John
  6. I have a small confession to make. As I mentioned earlier the success info came on Friday. Well Paul R, from Connecticut, whom shall also remain nameless and I stood guard at the border near Niagara Falls in hopes of getting a few shots of the migrating flocks. Paul had a Nikon D40 with a telephoto lens and I had a Mossberg Street Sweeper. As luck would have it our makeshift blind just happened to be at the base of a large maple tree (Bananas added) that for some reason a number of the birds used as a roost. I emptied the 12 round magazine of the Mossberg and Paul took the picture.
  7. This is something sent to me by my friend Ray, from Toronto, whom shall remain nameless for obvious reasons. The first portion was sent last week, the lower portion and picture came Friday. I’ll bet you guys up in Canada didn’t even know there was a “Northern Crow” Happy New Year everybody. John
  8. I've just read in another topic about respect and how simply growing old entitles you to it. I know I shouldn’t but I feel compelled to say this: Respect is earned and has nothing to do with chronology. Matt, you have earned my utmost respect as have many others on this forum. Unfortunately, I can’t say that about everyone here, regardless of their age. John McLain
  9. I'm saddened by this news. I will miss him. My deepest sympathy to his loved ones. John
  10. Nice fly Dave. It's also nice to see you posting again. John
  11. Leigh It's an Irish fly; try getting drunk first. John
  12. Thanks Dave Our thoughts and prayers are with Derek and his family. John and Linneya McLain
  13. Nice job Derek. Too bad about the recuperation but at least you can tie while doing it. Good luck on the recovery. I see your wing is somewhat lower than on your Parson. Was that by design? Either way I like it. John
  14. Dave I can't dispute anything you say but I can say your tying is superb. John
  15. Harold It's always a good idea to check on www.ABE.com it searches booksellers worldwide giving you options. I agree with Mr Carne on one's intent for the books use. John
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