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  1. It's http://www.fritillary.co.uk/Pages/silkthreads.html The silk is very fine - being 90 denier, making it a bit slim for larger salmon fly bodies - but I have used it on the Britannia and Evening Star I posted on the classic salmon forum - colours are very good indeed and there are some excellent greens and yellows not available in the usual jap stuff. Dave
  2. Sorry to sound like the Kelson Police but can I ask that 'Classic' Salmon be required to be based on a specific NAMED pattern of the tyer's choice... One of the core disciplines of 'good tying' within this category hinges on how accurately the original pattern is reproduced (this ISN'T a call for everyone to be using crow and chatterer BTW - subs are fine in my eyes)... Unfortunately most entries seemed to be 'classic looking' rather than true classics and as such were really 'creative' patterns of a classic style. I'd also be inclined to agree with Arska in his suggestion that a Tube Fly category be included (not hot on dries though) as it is a very specific discipline, and in many ways a properly tied Templedog is MUCH harder to tie than any Spey or Dee pattern I've come across. All that said the competition last year drew some tremendous entries and was a great pleasure to see. Dave
  3. Dear SH The competition's great, it's also great to look at what everyone else is doing with fluff and hooks - only two minor things, for some reason on my machine (a Mac running Explorer) the pics won't enlarge. The other thing is that it would be nice to be able to revisit entres after you've voted in that section - just to admire them. All the best Dave
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