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  1. It depends on what your wife looks like... JK!
  2. Caddis Fly Shop & Davie Mcphail
  3. Color can often make a big difference. I mainly fish for lake run Steelhead and Browns in the Great Lake's tributaries. When the fish are on eggs, which is from September - December and then February - May, color is very important. Steel & Browns can key on one color at first light, change after sun up and then change again by afternoon. Then they can key on a completely different color near sundown. On most days the standard colored nymphs, stones and caddis flies will produce fish, but a natural tied with some flash can often be the difference between a slow day and a banner day.
  4. If you are an egg fisherman (oh my G*d) the turned up eye benefits an egg loop tie. I believe this was the original intention.
  5. Don't over think it! I mostly tie steelhead and salmon flies for the Great Lake's tribs. I live 3.5 hours from the nearest trib so I like to send my new patterns for testing to guides and local guys that fish the tribs on a daily basis. What amazes me is that some have rave reveiws on a certain pattern, while others have little to no success on a certain pattern. Keep in mind that theses guys are fishing in the same fishery. Maybe side by side. If you had success, meaning takes, on your initial pattern, and are losing some fish; try changing out the hook and keep on fishing it. Presentation and confidence in what you are throwing is more important than the exact pattern you are fishing.
  6. I have sold over 14k flies tied on Allen (AFF) hooks in the past 16 months. I have not had any negative feedback. Consistent & sharp with minimal imperfections. Good hooks at a great price. Buy with confidence.
  7. Watermark your pics. Just like a copywrite for the net.
  8. I have donated extras to fishing clubs or organiztions that offer a kid's/beginner's program. The organizations have always been greatful for the donation. I have donated complete fly boxes to one or two organizations forraffle drawings. This can also be tax deductable. I have also given thousands of flies to friends. I tie mostly for steel & salmon for the Great Lakes tribs. We have an annual week-long trip with about 12 guys and I always have a "care package" of "misfits" and overrun flies for each of my buddies. These are flies that I can't sell because of imperfections, my friends don't care, they are imperfections too. You can also do bulk "grab bag" sales on forums. I will bundle a hundred or so and offer it at a price that covers the cost of materials. Guys that don't tie gobble these up. A cheap way for the non-tier or beginner to fill a box inexpensively. Everybody wins. Do a bulk swap with one or two guys on this site. Oryou can do a fly-for-materials swap with a non-tier. I have done the latter on several occassions. I'd rather see and hear about my flies catching fish than sitting here at home gathering dust.
  9. mudman

    8wt salmon rod

    No, I wouldn't say harder. A Switch rod is versital and will give you some advantages. Here is a short video on Switch rod advantages and casting, <iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/csS2A2DF0-4" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  10. mudman

    8wt salmon rod

    Think about a Switch rod. I have used a 7/8 wt Wild Water Switch rod for the past few seasons and love it. I use it for both salmon and steel on the Great Lakes' tribs. http://www.wildwaterflyfishing.com/ The rod w/case was $159 shipped. Also has a life-time guarantee. Not sure if they offer a combo package on the Switch rod, but you could probably get a complete single handed combo for under $150. I have not used their reels, but have a few friends that do with no issues. Another great discount store is the Cortland Factory Store. http://cortlandline.blogspot.com/p/factory-store.html Never go by their website, always call them. The actual store has much more discounted inventory than the website. I have spent over $1000 in that store and have figured that I saved over $1500 off of retail. I purchased a Switch line for $10 that listed for $80. It was discounted because there was fading in the line color. One time I walked in with a 3 year old fly reel that I was having some issues with, I just wanted them to look at it. Rich the manager, went to the reel section, picked out a box of the same model and handed me the new reel and the spool from the reel that I brought in and told me "you are all set"! So I picked out another discounted $10 fly line and he spooled the backing and fly line on for me at no charge other than the $10 for the line. That is great customer service! I never pass that store without stopping in, and I never make a fly fishing related purchase before calling the store. Their inventory is constantly changing.
  11. I have tied & sold several thousand flies on Allen Fly Fishing hooks over the past year and a half. Great quality and price. I think I've had 6 bad hooks out of 6k or so. Highly recommended. Everyday pricing is good and they often run discounts on quantities.
  12. For steelhead this past spring: #8 or #10 TMC #2457 caddis hook Medium Chenille Estaz For this fall's Salmon run: #4 - #8 TMC #105 egg hook Glove Chenille Estaz For some wiggle, I've tied some with Senyo's Shaggy Dub. I have only added legs on an extended caddis pattern that I've tied and used in the past. Very similar pattern using a beadhead and peacock instead of the estaz. The spring pattern did very well. The fall pattern is beefed up for kings & coho. When I get a chance, I'll take a pic of the salmon pattern.
  13. Great minds think alike! I saw these gloves and thought the same thing. I tie the chenille in and then tie a wrap or two of estaz in for the head. I've tied several hundred for the salmon/steel season. We used a much smaller version of my pattern with a lot of success for GL steel this past spring.
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