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  1. Thanks for comments, and glad I finally got the photo up there..... actually mist that's not goose, it's macaw that Anton spilled black head lacquer all over..... I was very mad at him..... As far as herl goes, basically I wrap it like normal, then slick it back and to the side with a bit of spit. Same for the head, except after I wrap my herl down and tie it off, I wrap a longer fibered feather in front, then slick that back over the previous herl. Once that's done I wrap back with my thread for the head. That's it, nothing fancy! Tail is 6 feathers of GBoP, cheeks at three. Tail is supposed to be toucan, but toucan looked unbelievably gross.
  2. okay Bo Peep done found dem sheepies!!
  3. Oh dear, you're right.... Bo Peep really dun lost her sheep!!!! I'll try again here, other otherwise I'll use the bros account....
  4. Hey there everybody! I felt a little bit left out seeing as Anton has been posting flies, and thought I should put one up too. Having been away for most of the year, this is the first fly I've tied in about 4 months. It's a Bo Peep by kelson, tied on a 4/0 emerald isle Reinhold. I'll admit it isn't totally orthodox, but hey, what can ya do :smoke: ... The real Edwin this time....
  5. Forgot to mention, I am ANTON, I was just too lazy to logout then log back in so I used Edwin's profile instead. Sorry 'bout that, sorting it out will be good brain excercize.....
  6. Okay people, this is the last Traherne for a while.... My goal was to finish all 28 before I turn 16, and so far I'm a year ahead of schedule.... oh well, just got too excited I guess....
  7. Hey everybody, I'm curious as to everyone's take on tying in horns. I've always tied them in over the top, but I realize there is really no special reason for this other than this is how I was taught. Is tying in the horns on the side a more traditional approach, or is it just a personal choice? I've grown to prefer over the crest horns from a purely flow oriented point of view, but I see how I could easily have just gone the other way. Just wondering about that because it's really the only part of a fly that doesn't seem to have a more standardized approach -- ie, crests should touch, body should be smooth, etc.... Let's hear some thoughts..... :dunno:
  8. Hey Martin! Tying a black argus by hand.... you are very very brave! And talented, of course, but we are all already aware of that........
  9. Wow, stunning creations! Shawn--if I understand correctly, you make your own gold hooks. Out of curiosity, how much does it cost you to make them, and would you consider selling a couple to myself and my brother? Again, gorgeous flies, I see you are continuing in a style similar to some of Ken Sawada's previous creations. This is a section of artistic tying that is very beautiful and complex, but unfortunately often neglected. Congratulations! Edwin
  10. Hey Tony, No, I won't be at the Danbury show -- I'm actually living in London (will be here for the next 4 years, gleep!) studying Music. Crazy, eh? I don't know if Anton's going to go without me, but I'll tell him he should think about it, and he'll bring photos....
  11. 21.2 MEGAPIXEL CANON!!!!!! Rocky, are you SERIOUS?????? My god, I think I want one... No, wait, I know I want one... Tony, great fly, I agree about the body taper and wing, but if you say it's the photo I shall withold judgement. Pretty regardless, though...
  12. Hey guys, sorry I wasn't there, I spent 8 hours on a delayed train from London, and missed the show completely!!! Would have liked to have met everybody in person. Maybe next year I'll make it there in one piece.
  13. Hi Guys! Just thought I'd give you all a quick update... Anton and I are still alive, and still tying flies. I am off at college now, in London, conveniently, and Anton is still learning how to photograph and upload photos of our flies. Hopefully we'll be able to show you a few of our latest before I graduate...... I'm trying to figure out the best way to get to the British Fly Fair from London, and if there is anybody who's going and might want to split a hotel room. Unfortunately I'm not tying at the show (customs wouldn't like my birdie bag...), but I'd still like to see what everybody's up to over here, and see some old faces. Cherio!! (I'm sorry, I just had to...) Edwin
  14. Hey Everybody, It has been a very long time since I've posted anything, so here's the latest creation: Blue Boyne with Cotinga ridgwayi feathers --- number three out of a series of 7 with the various subspecies of Chatterer. Enjoy!
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