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  1. Hello Gents, Finally found some time to tie a flie. Cheers, Muzzy
  2. Edwin, That fly is, very, very nice!!!! I hope all is well with you and your family. Hope to see you two guy's at a show very soon. Cheers, Muzzy
  3. Hey Guy's, Thought I would share my latest creation with you. The tail is Red Cotinga, the body is Scarlet Tananger with Cock of the Rock cheeks. This fly is tied on a hook that I reworked. Cheers, Muzzy :D
  4. Hey Chris, I say that on Paul's website a bit ago and it is a nice write-up. Here is a nice one from Canada, http://nbflytyers.com/warrenduncan.htm Cheers, Muzzy
  5. Hey Guy's, Thought I would post one of my lastest efforts, before I head to San Diego till the 23rd. I don't leave till the 13th, but will be busy getting packed and all. I will post one more before I head West. Cheers, Muzzy PS: This is a fly designed by Paul Schmookler
  6. Hey Guy's, As I sit at my computer at work or my rolltop at home, I cannot get it through my head that I will not see Dunc again,(well you know what I mean, till we sit side by side at the big rolltop in the sky)just does not feel right. And what I will miss most, is just watching him do what he did best, and that is tying and telling stories. Cheers, Muzzy
  7. Hello Gentlemen, Just so we don't get off on the wrong foot, I will tell you that I am the type of person that has very little tolerence for a lot things. From over paid athletes to crooked politicians to name a few. There is no question that in todays world the words like "expert", "master", "legend" and "the best" are used far to often. I my opinion, most of those who are given these titles, have more often then not, given these titles to themselves. I am sure most of us know someone who could, out cast some of these so called experts, or someone who could, out fish that other master. Can someone tell me what makes a tier a "Master" tyer? Other then some Bozo saying he is and then, that statement goes to press and whalla his is!!! The only guy I know who I would consider a "Master" tyer would be Fabrizio Gajadoni, this guy can tie it all and tie them well. If you have never seen his work, you need too. http://www.gajaflies.it/ Cheers, Muzzy
  8. Hey Guy's, I would like to thank you all for the kind words. Yes Tony, I hope there is some of Mr. Chutes influence on my flies. There are alot of tiers of Salmon flies out there in the world today, but in "my" opinion, there is only a handful of tiers that can match Charlies tying ability and knowledge. I hope some day to achieve his ability and 1/2 his knowledge. Cheers, Muzzy
  9. Hey Guy's, Found some time to tie one of my favorite patterns. I am still in shock and quite upset to know that I will never get to shoot the bull with Dunc again. Cheers, Muzz
  10. Gentlemen, It is a very sad day for fly tiers around the world. I have been told that Warren Duncan of New Brunswick has died. If you know Warren or know about Warren, he is perhaps the premier hairwing salmon fly tier in the world. I am sure that someone will have more info at a later date. I will provide more info as I hear it. Muzzy
  11. Hey Guy's, Here's my latest creation, I hope you enjoy it. Cheers, Muzzy
  12. Hey Guy's, Thanks for the kind words!!! The hook is my first try at rebending and filing and all that other stuff. The hook started as a 8/0 Addlington & Hutch. Gary, I will not lie, this style of fly will test anyones metal, thats why,even as one who gave the Rist boys lessons, I am simply blown away by Edwins two Blue Boynes. I have offered to buy the both of them, and will make another offer when I see him again. Cheers, Muzzy
  13. Hey Guy's, Heres my version of an X-rated fly. Cheers, Muzzy
  14. Hey Guys, I am looking for one or both of the following,Forrest & Sons or Bernard's hook scales. Cheers, Muzzy
  15. Hey Guy's, I found a bit of time to tug on some thread. Spent some time last Sunday at the Marlboro show, great time. The best part was spending time with my dear friend Charlie Chute. In my opinion Charlie is one of the top two tiers of Classic Salmon flies in the world. Wish I could make the show this weekend, but can't do all of them. Cheers, Muzzy
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