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  1. that really is amazing, never realised they were like that
  2. knowing my luck i would end up torching the lot! great idea though...
  3. a great idea you have there, with the rising cost of Jungle cock as well as the difficulties some importers have obtaining the original feathers i can see methods like this becoming more and more prolific. I've recently tried some synthetic feathers that also worked out pretty good too...
  4. Hi Everyone! James here from Staffordshire, England. I love to fish for Grayling and Brown trout in my local brooks (Peover Eye and River Dane) and quite often drive out into the Welsh Countryside (Erbistock & Bala) to fish the River Dee. I have been tying my own flies for 5 years now and absolutely love tying Nymph patterns and North Country Spiders. Of late, my guilty pleasure has been Sea Trout patterns all be it I have never fished for them. The plan is to attempt it this year (I hear it is quite the experience at night). I have been registered on the forum for a few months and have enjoyed many of the threads so I feel it only right to contribute from time to time. Cheers James
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