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  1. Hey everyone, After tying a whole bunch of beginners' patterns, I took a break from proportions, thread control, and materials handling to tie this. I figure this would work great as a Fly Box alarm... You know that anyone who looks in your box will either ask about why this is in there, or at the least look at you completely confused! Let me know what you think...
  2. Thanks everyone for the very kind feedback! I believe you all have hit the nail on the head... I'm totally hooked I have been LM Bass fishing many times, and even had a really sweet bass boat for years, but no fishing experience to date has topped this one. I know there will be skunks just waiting for me, but let them come, as they to will pass. Again, thanks for the encouragement and for tolerating my exuberance! Martiandrummer
  3. Hey everyone, I finally got to take my Fly gear out for a spin. I only had about an hour and a half, so I boggied down to the Monocacy River here in Frederick. All I can say is WOW. After wrestling to get out the door, and even having to make a return trip to the house for my glasses, I managed to get on the water about 9am. I turned on my little waterproof hand video camera and took some footage before jumping in, and then turned the camera off. I spent about the 1st hour practicing my casting in thigh deep water, and really started to feel a bit more comfortabe than I had expected. Then I tied on the first fly that I had bought, which was a Monocacy Bumble Bee, tied by SmokinPrice, which I had purchased from the Orvis dealer downtown. On about the 5th cast or so I caught my first fish on a fly rod, I was so darn excited that I went to take a picture of it with my camera, and it was turned off.... Duh.... Instead of possible harming the fish by waiting for the camera to turn on I just went ahead and released him. Then I turned on my camera in hopes of possibly catching another. Low and behold on the very next cast I caught another beautiful Sunfish. Which of course in my excitement I kept referring to as a smallie... once again excitement had overridden any for of logic in my brain!!! I had heard many stories from friends about catching a fish and then another on the next cast, but never had done it myself!!!! Here is a link to the footage I shot, please forgive my childish excitement, and my incorrect references to the fish species. I sent an email to SmokinPrice and asked him to review the video before posting it, as I was just going nutty over his awesome fly. And SmokinPrice, if you read this thanks for the species correction!!! I have since downloaded an iPhone app to study some of the freshwater species in this area. Link is: Monocacy Trip 8-21-11 if you want to view the video without following the link due to virus or malware concerns, simply search for MartianDrummer on youtube <--- Sad that we have to think about these things huh??? Thanks for letting me share, and as usually I welcome any and all critique and feed back! Martiandrummer
  4. Thanks again for the input everyone, I will most assuredly heed your inputs. As far as hackle, is it ever gonna be easier to get? I mean I understand beauty and all, but why would you weave into your hair what grows wild around a chicken's butt??? I am basically just using the materials from a starter kit, and a couple of thing I got from J Stockard and others so hackle size for me is a big issue. I got a hackle gauge, and every piece I have is monsterous in comparison to what I am tying. When you all pointed out the hook depth being to deep, is that front, back, or entire shank, being to deep?
  5. Firstly thanks everyone for the critiques on my first fly! I have tied a couple more and hope that you all can help point out any glaring mistakes. First Wooly Bugger My Short Tail popper This one was gonna be a throw away since I messed up the paint a bit, but turned out pretty cool. I have a very limited amount of Hackle, and had to trim the hackle on this one down. I am Calling it the Mr. T popper Thanks ahead of time for any input! Martiandrummer
  6. Greetings to all, Just another newbie checking in. A short bit about me: I am a 9 year active duty U.S. Marine Corps Veteran, having served from 1991-2000, and have just recently gotten the fly fishing bug. Additionally I have been a semi pro drummer, with a few different styles of Rock & Roll bands,hence the nickname. I have been bass angling since I was a pre teen, and have done the whole own your own boat deal. Thankfully the boat and I have parted ways, to much work and money which could be used in other places. Right now I am learning to tie some #8 and #10 poppers, as well as tying the infamous wooly bugger. I have tried to do alot more reading then posting, so as not to ask some of the same questions which have been already covered. What I find simply amazing about this forum is how helpful everyone is! Thank you all for your time, input, and patience! Martiandrummer
  7. Thanks everyone! I have finally finished up the 8 remaining popper heads, testing out some minor painting changes. Gonna tie those up while I wait for more to get here from JS. I really want to thank everyone for their critiques and ideas. Spent a lot of time reading on the net and watching videos so next up will be... 1) a chrome idea I have in mind 2) maybe an attempt at foil on a size 8 or 10 Also looked at some for smokinprice's poppers both on his blog <--- Great blog BTW and at the shop downtown. Man those are just simply impressive!!! Thanks again everyone!
  8. Oh my... That is AWSOME! The Pattern link is not working for me however, and I would love to see it! Great tie!
  9. Excellent thanks everyone! Tidewaterfly thanks tons!!! , when you stated would that be length, density or both?I am gonna trim the tail on this one a bit and tie my others to follow the shank length as you stated... I knew that too from all my reading and youtube video watching, silly me got a bit carried away LOL Thanks again everyone, and please keep the constructive critiques coming! Tidewaterfly, also to answer you question I am a 9 year active duty Marine Corps Veteran, I served from 1991 to 2000 and loved it, and thank you again!
  10. Hey everyone, I just finished tying my first fly. I tied a #8 Wapsi perfect popper. Although my symmetry could be much better and my neck hackle could have been done MUCH better, I really think this turned out pretty good. I would love to hear any constructive criticism!!! Materials used: Wapsi perfect popper #8 Orviis Green banneded Wrap-a-bou Pearl and olive Orvis Flashabou Orvis red rubber legs Orvis chartuese glitter silli legs White River Green banded hackle White River yellow Holo eyes Paint used Elmers acrylic neon paint markers Olive Krylon spray paint coated with 5 minute epoxy In the spirit of the Marine Corps saying,"Maximum usage of availible resources", since I am very new and did not have unlimited resources to throw at this I had to DIY a few things which was also fun. I did a DIY epoxy wheel (My BBQ rositerie , a dowle rod and a paper plate) which I am now upgrading with a foam wheel I found at the craft store. (I totally hate craft stores because every woman in the place looks at me like I invading or something) DIY Items built Epoxy drying wheel Profile Plate (from my scarp wood pile... a 1x2 a 2x4 and a piece of white cardboard Here is a pic of my setup, sorry it is so dark! I have been parading this thing through the house like I have just won World War 3 or something... Again I totally wish to hear ANY constructive criticism, as this is my first time tying and I am totally loving it!
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