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  1. I got my flies on Saturday and are they sweeeet! Thanks for hosting Bassturd and thanks everyone for such a nice looking bunch of flies! Moushka
  2. Bassturd, I will post flies in the morning. Thanks for hosting another great swap! Moushka
  3. I got my flies today and all I can say is AWESOME! Thanks everyone and a big THANK YOU to pickin6ofem the Swap Master. Moushka
  4. Bassturd, Thanks for hosting the Flatwing Swap and most of all thanks for getting me interested in Flatwing flies! I really like them and am interested in learning more about them and thier action. I will be trying them for silvers this year and hope to fish Kodiak again this fall. I also wanted to thank all the particpants in this swap. This is the first swap that I have entered that I was excited about each and every fly that I received! I also learned how I could improve my fly. It was obvious to me after seeing all of your flies that I had tied too short of a tail on mine. I reverted back to the length for freshwater streamers. After seeing the flies that you all tied, I reviewed the pattern and spotted my mistake. Thanks again! Moushka
  5. Bill, I received my flies yesterday and want to thank you for hosting the swap. I also want to thank you for the great Olive Cone Head Krystal Wooly Bugger (nicely tied!) with recipe. Tdeyette tied a great Estaz Comet! I confess that I plan on trying out both of thoses flies on siver salmon in Kodiak this fall! I am really looking foward to trying out Sukhoidave's Caddis Hornberg (beautifully tied!) and Manwitter's Sonefly Nymph on trout and landlocked salmon in local lakes. I'm saving RDL's Estaz Egg fly for Pink Salmon in Hope, Ak this year (It's gonna be a killer!). Thanks to all and tight lines! Moushka
  6. Bassturd, That sounds great! I am so looking forward to seeing it! Moushka
  7. Bassturd, Do you mind if I tie a flatwing rhody variation? I'm getting so I really like that fly and want to try some color and material variations. Moushka
  8. I'm In with a bait fish pattern (to be announced). Moushka
  9. Sorry! I forgot to send the update on the name of my fly. It's a Marabou Darter variation. I'm using Partridge #10 Redditch Bend 1 X long hooks. I should have them done by next week and ready to ship. Moushka
  10. Justin, The Skaddis is from The Art of Tying the Dry Fly by Skip Morris. I sent a couple of extra Skaddis Dark for you to try. I tied the Skaddis Light pattern for the swap. They are a very durable fly and look a little wierd as the wing is positioned further down the flies body than most Caddis dry flies. Have fun trying them out! Moushka
  11. Posted my Skaddis Lights today. I ended up tying them on #16 fine - Partridge hooks. Moushka
  12. I love my Ron Abby Special and find that I don't like tying on any other vice. It is so smooth to turn and just makes tying a real pleasure. Moushka
  13. I'm in..... But I can't think of the proper name of my fly! I'll have to go to the pattern book and look it up and get back to you. It will be for Southcentral Alaska. Moushka
  14. Posted flies this afternoon! Moushka
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