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  1. dadofmolly

    Bad News

    Just got out of the hospital. Drs., depending on which ones I listen to, have given me 2 to 6 months. When I get the energy and time I will be taking pictures and posting list of stuff to sell. Will include "Tech Vest", older Regal vise as well as some hair/fur, feathers, wire, misc., etc. etc. If anyone is interested, PM with any questions. Thanks
  2. As e. Snowden said; you need either a license from NC or Tenn to fish in the park. Either license is accepted no matter which part of the park you fish. If you fish only the park, NC is much cheaper. Don't know anything about free license under 16 or 13.
  3. We won't start the car until everyone in the vehicle is buckled up, including the back seat. Even though states have a law about seat belts, some states classify it as secondary charge and will not pull you over just because of no belt, there has to be another reason for the traffic stop.
  4. My Christmas wish is for the end of partisan politics and an end of all the endless wars.
  5. I also keep getting error 522. Funny thing, if I go to a different posting then come right back to the thread where I got the error, about 3/4 of the time it is available.
  6. Not familiar with that one. Most public libraries have books on tying, tackle craft, etc. Inexpensive way to gain some knowledge without laying out cash. Also don't tie yourself to only one method. I started making lures (probably younger than you) before tying and my first attempts were whittling chunk of pine. A small wood rasp is good for shaping, sanding between coats and light sanding at very end (as mentioned by tidewaterfly) will give your lure a better finish. So will 220 grit sandpaper or emery cloth. "Tackle Craft" has some good info on lure making. As you develop your skills, some steps that now take a great deal of time will become much easier and faster. I also would recommend practicing things like painting the eyes or spots on a piece of paper or scrap piece of wood until you achieve the look you want.
  7. Have to agree with Poopdeck on camera and especially "take your time". Prep makes a big difference. I'm assuming you are making hardbody lures or from popper type foam. Hobby paint or fingernail polish does a good job (several layers) if you have a good base coat. Different size nails with head ground flat makes good eyes, spots, etc. If you want scales, wrap lure in window netting and use a can of pressurized paint or stretch the netting in a frame and press the lure against the netting. Using masking tape allows separation of colors. There are several methods of spraying on the market but are expensive unless you are making LOTS of lures. What book are you using?
  8. Thanks guys -- think I have plenty to look at. I appreciate all of the suggestions. Healing a busted hip so now have time to explore around. Wife says "NO Ice Fishing". OH well
  9. Colorado, trout. Want to try SMB and sunfish but that has to wait until next year.
  10. I agree about this site but I also like to explore other sites. I often go to Tenkara sites as well since I use that style in some cases. Thanks Tier, I'll check it out although it sounds more Alaska dedicated.
  11. Don't know if this is the right place for my question. If not please move it to where it should be. Several of you have referenced other sites that you use. If you don't mind sharing those sites I would really appreciate it, or you can PM me if you prefer. All of the sites I have visited in the past hold no interest for me so looking to expand. Thanks in advance
  12. I'm sorry I even brought this thread back up. My intention was simply to state my opinion and how I view things. I'll keep my mouth shut and any of my opinions to myself from now on.
  13. Not trying to tell people how they should live or how they should feel, that's their choice. I don't see anywhere in my post that I tried to tell others what they should think, feel or act, simply stating what is true for me. If anyone finds my post offensive, that's their right and that's OK with me.
  14. I may "Hate" what people do (or say) but can't say I "Hate" the person. I don't know the person and what is going on in their lives so how can I hate that person. If a person cuts me off in traffic, I do hate that action but that person may have a legit reason for the action, or they may have been improperly taught; who knows the situation. I hate the action of using a cell phone for any reason while driving and that includes talking on the cell at red lights but society has said "You can do that" so people do it. Does that make that person one I should hate?? I refuse to use a cell phone, including hands free cells now in vehicles, while driving. Growing up, if we needed to talk while driving then we pulled over at truck stops, cafes, etc. and used a pay phone (don't even know if pay phones exist anymore). I agree; cell phones have a place in modern society but not for driving. Fisherman coming into a hunting area, in my opinion, are stupid and don't know the first thing about courtesy. There is too much of the "ME First" mentality but society says "OK". I don't have time in my life to truly hate a person. I may have a different view if I had a loved one killed by violence but fortunately I haven't. It isn't my purpose in lif to judge others but to judge only myself and to try to make this a little better world. Just my 2 cents.
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