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  1. All the fly tying classes I've taken at my local fly shop here in West Michigan used a renzetti. However, when I got tired of using my old non-rotary vise I did some research on the internet & found one that was recommended, as well as many of the rotary's that have been around for a while. The Peak vise was the one I read about & have purchased. I love it ! It works just as well as a renzetti & ended up being a little cheaper ($129 for the Peak vs. $169 for renzetti) It has a lifetime warranty like many others. I've had it since July 05 & have tied well over a hundred flies. I would recommend it to anyone. Tie One On
  2. I am from Michigan, Grand Rapids area & steelhead fish quite often. There are many, mnay patterns that work well in my area. I take it since you are asking for patterns that you tie your own flies ?? Besides egg patterns I've used Springs Wiggler, Wiggle Hex & Sparrow. I have a group of guys at my church that reqularly fish together & share patterns. I've typed up numerous of these patterns because several of the men are not experienced tyers & need assistance. Good luck. Tie One On
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