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  1. Stonefly, Stonefly, Stonefly...... I know the steps, I understand the steps I even have all the right material but having them turn out right is another story, so I buy them.
  2. Have seen someone use one of these rotating lights to make a fly drier.
  3. If you want some more great information about Spey Casting and Spey Fishing youtube Tom Larimer or Larimer Outfitters. He explains everything extremely well and is very easy to understand the steps as he explains them. If you have never swung a spey rod don't let the movements and length of the rod fool you, its ALOT less exhausting than traditional one hand casting. One of the biggest things you have to remember about swinging is you have to down size the weight of your fly and utilize the different types of leaders ie: T8, T10, T14 etc. depending on water depth and speed. Once you get into it be ready because it is very addicting and the term "the tug is the drug" couldn't be more true.
  4. Mine have been done a week after this thing kicked off. I put them in the truck today so I can mail them tomorrow.
  5. Both of those flies will hunt here in Alaska.
  6. I have to agree it is confusing the more you read.
  7. So I am reading What Fish See and was wondering if anyone has purchased the see best system talked about in the book? If so is it worth it or is there a way to construct one cheaper and easier? Thank You
  8. Thanks Jam and nice articles. Like every fly I tie I tested one out in my test tank so these should swim just fine. If I can figure out how to do it I will try and post a short video of it in the tank. I tied it in black and copper, didn't want to test one of the others I already had tied to ship.
  9. Ready to ship. Rigging a tube. Run your mono through the tube. Tie your hook onto mono with your choice of knot. Insert eye of hook into the hook guide on the back of the tube with hook point up. My ties have hook guides and hooks. Once you see how they are you will understand what I am trying to explain, I hope anyway. If you have questions once you receive them let me know and I will try and help you out.
  10. Can someone tell me how to change my pic. I went to edit profile and clicked browse and chose a pic but then nothing. Thanks You
  11. Here are the ones I am submitting. I will add a hook guide on the back. Size 4 Owner or Gama hook is what I normally use. Simply run your line through tube and hook guide and secure hook with a polomar knot, secure eye of hook in hook guide with point facing up and fish. This is my technique as there are many out there. I figured you can't go wrong with black and blue.
  12. Yep I will be sending one with the flies.
  13. Kevin, Don't see my name on the list, am I good to go? Thanks
  14. I'm in if you have spots still available.
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