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  1. Beautiful! Thanks for the step by step.
  2. ironmachin


    Looks like a piece of art; great tie, man.
  3. Looks awesome! I might have to try this in the surf around here; thanks for sharing.
  4. This is awesome! I'm going to try this in the local surf.
  5. Very nice! I just got into wire bending; going to try this out for sure.
  6. I'm a fan of Lightroom as well. I use all the image and animation Adobe products for work, but rarely go into Photoshop to play with my images anymore. Photoshop is great, but if you're doing general color correction, sharpening, retouching, etc., Lightroom is a better solution in my opinion.
  7. I bought some round nosed pliers to make parts for lures and flies; all I've made so far, is this articulated fly shank. I tied a few Q's Ghost Whisperers on the shanks which inspired this: I think it'll be a good fly for the surf and a crayfish imitation for bass. Mainly tied with Cactus Chenille and Pseudo Hackle. The materials seem like the wont hold onto water so it'll cast easy on my six weight. Any thoughts?
  8. Great job on the tie and the fish!
  9. ironmachin

    Sand Crab

    This is based off a fly called Corbina Candy. Corbina are all over the place this time of year at the beaches I fish; lots of people catching them on Surfin' Merkins, but I haven't had luck with them. Since I've been meaning to try tying some other crab patterns, I thought I'd give this a try. Heading out tomorrow morning. I've been liking the ragged look of some of the carp flies I've been tying. Guess that carried over to this.
  10. Thanks for the feedback, everyone. Yep, size 8 TMC 2457.
  11. I've never actually caught a carp before, but the "river" near my house has a lot of big ones in it. It's the Los Angeles River, so it's not exactly natural. Chartreuse Glow Bugs are popular and other buggy looking things. Planning on giving these a try this week; it's all rocky bottom, so I go through a lot of flies down there.
  12. I use one of the Beulah Surf 7/8 wt in the surf around here; my one hander hasn't seem much use since I got it. I'm a fan of St. Croix rods. That one looks badass.
  13. ironmachin

    NE Baitfish

    The action on those must be crazy; great looking ties.
  14. Man, the last few days, my allergies have been going crazy so, I decided to seal up all my natural materials and focus on trying synthetic stuff for a bit. My goto flies are usually Clousers in the surf so, I wanted to get something for that first. This looks cooler with Fish Skulls but, I wanted to give it a try with bead chain and using thread to build up the head. Thanks for looking.
  15. Thanks, man. I just realized I tied the colors upside-down. Whoops.
  16. I have a bunch of the Eagle Claw 635s for pouring jigs. They seem like pretty good hooks so, I thought I could use the same hooks for my surf flies; our surf critters scour the ground so we like them to ride up. Any reason to not use this kind of hook in the surf?
  17. That looks awesome.
  18. Those look great! I especially like the first one.
  19. That looks cool. I might have to try making one of these.
  20. Excellent looking flies!
  21. Those look awesome; I bet Corbina around here would eat those.
  22. ironmachin

    chubby fry

    Nice bite size! I'm going to try this.
  23. My buddy and I do a lot of surf casting for sharks; I combined the shock leader knot and the Bob Sands knot and came up with this: SBS - http://fishingexperts.la/expert-shock-leader/ I have been unable to break it and it has a nice low profile.
  24. That looks awesome, man.
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