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  1. Hi guys I Have a whole Caribou hide from a friend, it is drying as we speak. I have tied a few hair bugs with it and that works ok. I have a lot of questions about what to do. Can I dye it like deer hair? Is it used in place of Deer Hair? I am looking for other suggestions. If you use it in a different way please share. Thanks
  2. My hooks arrived this morning. Now all is well in the world.
  3. You guys getting your orders must be lucky. I placed my order on the 19th of February. I have since emailed, wondering what is going, if there is a problem, I get no response.. It has been "in process" since I placed my order. My card was charged immediately. Two days ago, I received a credit to my card for a small amount. When checking again online, now it seems they don't have a couple of packages I ordered. Is this normal practice for this company?
  4. Very nice ties. Keep up the good work. I also agree with the tip for the swiss straw. It makes the wings more durable if you are going to fish them.
  5. Very nice ties. Keep up the good work. I also agree with the tip for the swiss straw. I makes the wings more durable if you are going to fish them.
  6. Tie a few of everything. I figure that if a finicky trout will eat it, so will all the other fish. Some days you just have to hold your mouth right to get anything to bite. You can spend a lifetime what the perfect bait is. ( ask me how I know)
  7. Thanks for all the iinformation. Love the Death By Stout.
  8. Thanks for your input on the raccoon. Another guy brought me a couple muscrat today to add to the collection. I usually dry? them over the winter and next fall they will all be ready to go. The biggest question my wife has is when is enough enough?and are you ever going to use all that?... LOL...I can't refuse the free gifts from friends.
  9. HI everyone. I am truly blessed to have a lot of friends who hunt and trap. So far in the past year I have recieved 12 squirrel tails of different colors. 5 pheasants, 8 ducks, 2 geese, a full caribou hide, a bear hide, and this morning I received a opossum and a raccoon. I am not sure what to do with the raccoon, does anyone have any suggestions? Dubbing? So as you can see I feel truly blessed to have friends who hunt and trap. LOL oh yea I skin em, pluck em or whatever.
  10. When I click on browse by material I get the first page of choices ok. When I click on my choice of say feathers and saddle I get a blank page. Is this a setting that I need to change or is it the database. It has worked in the past, and I am not aware of any changes I made. I tried Internet Explorer and also google chrome for browsers, same results. Thanks
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