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  1. I have a feeling that you need not worry about having not told you're father how you feel, my guess is he already knows.
  2. burninbriar

    Pearl curl

    Just wondering if anyone has used it or knows about this guy. If everything he says is correct he seems like a pretty good guy. I just ran across this. He donates a lot to wounded veterans. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q3jSClQUmF4...feature=related
  3. burninbriar

    Whos guilty...

    I hope his next video doesn't have a bld dog in it.
  4. Fantastic job, everyone. I just wish I could remember who all I voted for, I do recognize a lot of them though.
  5. I've seen Buddy Guy live several times and I can tell you he puts on a great show. Don't know how long he will be able to keep it up though, he's getting up there in age you know.
  6. I used my black lab to ty a springs wiggler a while back ago. I found it to be hard to work with, really slippery.
  7. If anyone is into hard blues like Steve Ray Vaughn or John Mayall, this new guy is pretty good. His name is Jason Ricci and he plays blues harp. I just recently heard him. http://www.jasonricci.com/
  8. Its not particularly recent, but it is me.
  9. Well, it took a while but here is some of the crew and the equipment.
  10. Round 2 voting seems a lot more difficult for me than voting for the individual category's. I think I found the best one though.
  11. At least now I know why barbless hooks cost so much, never could really understand that. I usually ty with the barb and mash them when I ty on to my leader when fishing. Just habbit I guess, or maybe I'm just to lazy to mash them when I'm tying.
  12. These are not as tiny but the ones in the upper right corner are # 18. We were having good luck with them on my last steelhead trip in Erie Pa in the slow clear water. They are real easy to ty.
  13. I'm glad to see you all enjoyed the picture. There is some more really good ones I think you will like also, but I will have to wait untill I get home to scan them. ( the end of the month ) They are all from the same time period in Lapland, I don't know the name of the river though.
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