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  1. These look to me like ruffled grouse tail, but I can be wrong. Regards, David www.vulcanzone.com
  2. Don't get everything at once. Smaller batches of material are much easier to sneak in the house past the WIFE :devil:. Be ready to spend a few thousand dollars in a next year or two. Good luck.
  3. I will be there from this Sunday Sept 30 to Wed Oct 3. The low water condition there suck, but this is the only time this year I get to go to SR.
  4. I have Cabelas Three Forks 7.6 3wt. It is a great rod for the money. The rod costs about 45.00, if you don't like it you can always send it back to Cabelas. My rod is still going strong after 3 years of HEAVY use.
  5. I have the tracking number for the box. It was delivered on Sept 12.
  6. The box has been mailed to bassturd in NJ today. Sorry it took so long to get it back out in rotation...
  7. I got the box. It will be out to the next guy in a day or two...
  8. My wife is going to have the same surgery done to her left knee in about 3 weeks, and in about 2 month her right knee. She has a partial tear of MCL on the left and full tare on ACL in both knees. She got hurt skiing in Killington at the end of last month.
  9. No nothing need to be sent in at the moment. Put your stuff in when you get the box as you take some stuff out.
  10. This should help... frog.bmp
  11. Thanks for putting me down for this swap. I PMed you my addy and phone number. Let the swap box fun begin.... :yahoo:
  12. First, welcome aboard. You can find a great deal of info here by using search button on the forums. You can also find a bunch of patterns on Fly Pattern Database.
  13. mozes

    Ideas box 5

    How about posting a tracking number on here when you ship the box? This way we all know where the box is including in transit. I also have another idea. I think we should make swappers accountable for their actions. Lets say if someone turn the box around in more than 10 days, this swapper will be banned from future box swaps. If more than 30, banned from all box/fly swaps on FTF! This rule can be excused only by death, death in a family, business trip or vacation with prior notification on the swap thread, EOTW (End Of The World). :devil:
  14. mozes

    Swap Box 4

    I don't have time to visit the site everyday, but if there is swap#5 PLEASE put my name in it. It was my idea to start it here on FTF to begin with. Thanks, David
  15. This sounds like a cool swap, but I don't hunt :baby: . I had a similar swap going for the last few years here on FTF and it was called Your Pet Swap. We all had a great time with it, but one of the rules was "No animal must be heart in the process of collecting materials". I guess this rule is out of the question in this swap :devil: . Anyway I'm not in this swap, but looking forward to see what you guys come up with. Best regards, David
  16. I agree with Alex. Save your money for material, you can find any pattern you whant on WWW.
  17. mozes

    Swap Box 4

    There were about 10 (I did not count them) of these bags left when I got the box with a note to take only one bag.
  18. Biots work really well for this application.
  19. mozes

    Swap Box 4

    The box was shipped this morning.
  20. mozes

    Swap Box 4

    It will only cost me something like 6.75 via FedEx. I got a quote from USPS and it was something like 7.50. I did not make to FedEx last night, but the box should be shipped today.
  21. mozes

    Swap Box 4

    Got the box today. It will be shipped to Crotalus sometime tomorrow via FedEx (it is cheaper than using USPS Priority mail). Big thanks for TT for hosting it again.
  22. I would have to go with EHC.
  23. I would look on Ebay, just search Fly Tying category and sort it by price. This way you will see everything that is there and odds are that fly tying kits will be some where on the top. Many times you can get a good vise and a nice selection of materials for about 100 to 300. Regards, David
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