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  1. Linesiders baby and it's released.
  2. Love these brookies! I live here in this house that I can catch pikes, smallies, larges, stocked bows, native brookies, and almost all of them species fish within 25minutes of drive! Lucky me
  3. Im sure lot of people think I'm asshole for not answering or say a word. Sorry I am deaf and can't help.
  4. Two hooks in one fly you tied? Looking good fly I need to try these! Edited: never mind
  5. Didnt surprised me. everyone can catch cats, I caught 36lb flat at south holston tenn on a #4 rootbeer wooly bugger I tied last year. It was best memories I had.
  6. Native brookie in my hand today.
  7. Yeah I am not surprising at all that's everybody don't listen to music on the water. Because I'm deaf. You know if you are deaf and you hear nothing at all, being quietness and you can see everything details as a such beautiful view, forests, mountains, rocks, bald eagles, etc and fogs/snowing/raining by yourself alone. I don't carry any things like technology but a camera for to show to my grandpa he isn't in good shape, funny thing I don't show the pictures to my friends because they think I sit, fishing, and drinking.
  8. Holy crap... Look like musky materials to me haha.. I surprised you didn't get much of chartreuse stuff. Bucketmouth LOVE em!
  9. Yep that's what I'm targeting for!
  10. I called its an ugly baby bass fly it's easy and fast tie.. In someday I will play different colors
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