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  1. very nice, so do you just glue the eyes right onto the hair?
  2. nice, i love the fly...help us out
  3. thats a very good question, im wonderin the same thing. can someone help us?
  4. here are some better pics.... :ban: :thumbsup: or :thumbsdown: ?
  5. thanks, yea it would of been a better picture if wasn't taken during the night....sorry about that.
  6. Since Christmas is almost here, I thought we could have a little fun with our Christmas trees. My plan is to see if anyone can come up with some flies using thread, pine needles, and as few other materials as possible. This might be a little tricky, but let’s see what you can do. My fly is currently in the vice and I’m not doing so well. Hope you can do better, good luck! :yahoo: santa ----> :wheelchair:
  7. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by yamanull: fusion dragon fly (click link for more info)
  8. Here is my finished fly, using "Graham wings". I couldnt wait until morning to post it so the pics are pretty bad. I will take new ones, but for now..they will do. I think i might have to make a new fly because personaly i think it looks like ____ :poop: :crutch:
  9. very, very, nice! If that won't catch fish, I quit tying : )
  10. Very nice....! I got my attempt in the vice now, waiting until sometime in the day to take a picture of it.
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