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  1. Vito, Love the special effects on the pics. What software are you using to produce these? I'm basically a photo editing idiot and could use some help. Thanks. Frank
  2. John, John, John, Let me first start by telling you, if you buy your wife a rod for her birthday, she is gonna beat you with it. And buying such items as a new vacuum cleaner is not a good idea either. Here is what you do. Buy her something that she would buy herself... something lady like. That makes it look like you're being sensative to what she really wants. Then go out any buy yourself a new rod. Then when you go fishing, tell her you bought this rod some time ago, in the hopes that one day she would join you. You'll get twice the brownie points for basically the same level of effort. It not about working harder, its working smarter..... By the way... the cabelas stuff in nice for a starter rod.
  3. Frankie 2 Times


    Sniksoh, Here is just a suggestion. I would forget the hip boots and go with a pair of stocking foot, breathable, waist high, waders. Much safer and comfortable than hippers. These will make walking and wading easier and safer should you take one step in too many. The breathable part will keep you fromover heating when youare in shallow water or walking in to your spot. The seperate boots, while ab it more expensive are much easier on your feet andhelp if you have to climb an bank or walk a long ways. Size them according to your shoe size and in-seam. I get mine a 1/2 big in the foot and1-2 inches long in the inseam. By the same size boots accordingly. Keep an eye out for placed like sierratrader.com and cabelas bargin cave. You can often pickup deals. Hope this helps. F2T
  4. How about sharing some of your favorite patterns you like to fish for Michigan steelhead. This is the time of the year when things slow down and I get a chance to sit down, tie a few flies and restock my boxes for spring steelies. I seem to get into the habit of keeping the same few patterns year after year. Would love to see what patterns others like to keep in their box. And if you don’t mind sharing, what patterns you like on what rivers. Don’t give away any “secrets”, just looking to see what patterns you like to fish and on what rivers you like to fish the. Thanks. I'm fairly new at this, so I will try to post of a few pics of my personal favorites.
  5. Yeah, its pretty sad. I use to frequesnt Flymart whenever I cxould. Even if I could get it cheaper on-line. Just tried to give John the business. I think most of his actual business was via the website. Hank's in Clarkston is a prettyo cool shop. Just not real close, but its not bad. Bass Pro is much better than Gander Mountain. Seems GM's buyer can't figure out what to buy and how to keep the popular stuff in stock. Come spring steelhead and fall salmon season, you would think the would carry more of that inventory. But the shelves are stocked full of #18-#22 hooks and noting a 4-10. Guess I'll have to shop on-line. I just miss being able to walk the aisles of a well stocked fly shop. Frank
  6. Does anyone know of any decent fly shops left in the Metro Detroit Area. Now that The FlyMart in Royal Oak is gone, the only ones I know of are the Orvis Shop in Royal Oak and Hanks in Clarkston. I'm feeling the need to wander the aisles and shamelessly spend some of that tax refund money I should be getting back. F2T
  7. Very Cool.... a real live TV star.
  8. Is there a trick to looping the single thread over the bottom of each bead? Seems I can't control the location of where the loop. A single thread would definitely speed up the process. What thread and dubbing type would you recommend? Frank
  9. Your selection of flies is really starting to take shape. Looks like you'll be loaded for bear. I like the box. What brand box is that and where can I find one. I've been using soe of the Orvis foam boxes and I'm getting tired of half a dozen flies coming loose every time I open the box. F2T
  10. Will, That's too pretty to fish with. If they came in a size 6/0, I might have to saute 'em up an eat'm myself. I like it!!!!!
  11. I actually bought a couple of these flies at a show just on w whim. The first evening on the river produced 8 fish before I lost one of the two I bought. The other stayed in the box and I attempted to duplicate it that evening with what I had in my travel bag. The beads I have tried were actual round plastic beads and were difficult to get on the hooks. I noticed the beads on the pattern fly may be glass, but the are doughnut shaped, not round. In an attempt to produce a few in a short period of time I had to improvise. I use kevlar thread and wrapped between and over the beads. Didn;t look pretty, but it worked. To my supprise the flies actually held up very well. In fact, I lonly had one/two come apart and that was because the beads broke trying to release fish using pliers. Dubbing in between each bead sounds like the way to go now tht I'll have more time. I have to admit that this little fly made this trip a whole lot of fun. I will definitely keep a handfull in my box. Sort of a cross between a shrimp and an egg. Whatever its suppose to be, it works. By the way, the tail is indeed rubber leg material. I still need a source or website where I can order the beads. Thanks F2T
  12. My Renzetti Master is worht more than my laptop.... Although I didn't pay full price for it. I got it at a going out of business sale. Marked 60% off... the stealof the century. I would have settled for a traveller. Being left handed it was the only Renzetti that is convertable other than the traveller.
  13. I've been lurking for awhile. Thought it time to make myself know. I need some assistance with how to tie this fly. I believe its called a scud. For the life of me I can't figure out how to get the dubbing between the beads without doing one bead at a time, then dubbing. Tie off, cut and repeat. Am I missing something. The other issue I am having is threading the beads. Perhaps ihave the wrong beads, but I can barely get them over the hook point and around the bend. Where can I purchase the correct beads. Thanks. I caught a bunch of salmon and one steelhead on these last weekend and need to replenishmy supply. Thanks. F2T
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