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  1. got mine today as well a great looking bunch cant wait to give em a go
  2. im going to the post office in about ten kinutes to send my flies on their way
  3. hey steve is there still room for me to get in on this one
  4. hey guys i'm back and hopefully will be able to post more often i've just been really busy with college now three weeks into my freshman year noticed that there are a few changes with the board since the last time i check its good to be back
  5. got em and will be given them a work asap
  6. i say send them out monday
  7. i know dette still ties in a shop in roscoe NY so you you could always go on a fishing trip
  8. geo i need your addy as well
  9. they went out in the mail yesterday
  10. i wouldn't bother fishing trout on the housy now i'm sure the water is very warm but smallies should be kicking some ass the farmington is a little better thn an hour east ofthe housy but it is a tailwater so water temp is very consisten with lots of trout
  11. man i love summer as a student tied roughly 50 flies last night including the 24 egges for this swap finished around 2 am then woke up before 9 and started tying agian man i love summer
  12. i think the end of august would be plenty of time that way we can have these back in time for the run oh and i'll tie 12 orange and 12 pink eggs
  13. i'm in as long as the due date is a little ways away
  14. ok my flies may be a few days late as of the moment i don't have transportation so once i have a ride i'll go to the post office and get them on their way
  15. mine will be out monday as well
  16. got them today thanks olb
  17. forgot all about this swap i'll get em done within the next week and get them out
  18. i haven't gotten my flies yet
  19. i'll tie a small black madam x type fly
  20. i can always use a few more hoppers and crickets i'm in
  21. i always forget to toe tag my flies yep Sean Hansen thats me SDH are my initials
  22. as promised they are in the mail today
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