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  1. Yes, love it, use it on my streamers. You can fast forward to the ergo bobbin part of my video (or watch the whole thing). https://youtu.be/dnVVXXaZOPY
  2. Thanks for the observation. I promise to make improvemts to the video. While I have been tying for a long time I'm a newbie at video editing. I'm probably going to just tie the fly going forward and explain the steps via voice over. This way I can fast forward the wraps and such toncut down on video time.
  3. Hi Everyone, In this weeks video I'm tying on of my favorite rusty spinner patterns. If you like the video please hit the like button and hit subsicribe I'm going to have a new video coming out every week. Also, if you have anything you want to see from flies to materials/tools and set up let me know. https://youtu.be/x0QtUqNz7Eo Thanks, Mike Designed 2 Deceive
  4. Hi Everyone, In this weeks video I'm tying Hans Weilenmann's iconic CDC & Elk. If you like the video please hit the like button and hit subsicribe I'm going to have a new video coming out every week. Also, if you have anything you want to see from flies to materials/tools and set up let me know. https://youtu.be/-v_5R15Z2gA Thanks, Mike Designed 2 Deceive
  5. Hi Flyty1, Yes, I agree, I have all those bobbins because I'm a collector but I tend to use the regular wire bobbins most and I like to control tension with my hand has well. For bigger flies, if you tie them I recommend checking out the new loon ergo bobbin it's really nice and affordable. Mike
  6. For those of you who do not like the spinning knob on the new vise, I believe their will be a pre drilled hole at the end that will accept a handle for rotation.
  7. Sorry I don't know why the photo is turned 90 degrees
  8. Sorry about that here is thr pic...
  9. Here is another pic from the show. It's a prototype not final hardware and it won't be available for several months, the jaws were not even hardened. Most likely the nob will change slightly. I spoke to Jon the owner of HMH, he's a good guy and has no intention of doing an exact copy. They have wanted to do a true offset roatary for a while and this is their attempt to bring the best of HMH and have some influence from the LAW. Mike
  10. Did anyone have a chance to see the new HMH Vise at the Somerset show? It's called the TRV which I think stands for true rotary vise and it is offset rotary with LAW like jaws.
  11. Hi Everyone, I am going to start putting videos out on a consistent basis and I thought I would share with you all my first one on bobbins. Their seemed to be a bobbin explosion starting last year and since I collect vises and bobbins I thought I would go over some of the popular brands and a little description on each. I promise the videos will get better and more professional over time. If you like the video hit the "like" button and "subscribe" button and this way my videos will be in your YouTube feed. Thanks so much! Mike Designed 2 Deceive https://youtu.be/dnVVXXaZOPY
  12. Hey Doug, yes I saw them way back a few years ago when they were first posted, amazing vises! My favorite was the copy of the LAW streamside vise, adding a the tools inside the box was awesome. Yea, I noticed you did the right thing and you give credit to the original designer. Have a good new year! Mike
  13. Hi All, After reading the previous locked thread I felt compelled to add to the conversation from a Law vise owner, vise collector and someone that knows a little bit of the background on this Virtual Nymph copy. Lawrie Waldron did not "retire" but just took a break making the vises full time to focus on other projects, I don't think even he knew how crazy the second hand market would get after he stopped making them full time in 2010. I do not believe he ever patented the design so over the last few years the CAE vise came out and now the Virtual Nymph vise. I can tell you first hand that Lawrie is not happy that these vises copied his design and since its technically legal he believes it's morally and ethically wrong and their is obviously merit to that since he designed the vise with Hans W. back in 1989. The CAE borrowed heavy on the design but absolutely lacked the finish and quality the LAW had, their were also issues with the jaws chipping originally and I don't know if that has been ironed out since it has been out several years. For those unaware Virtual Nymph makes great tying material for caddis pupa and nymphs. Their nymph skin is an awesome material for tying realistic hydros. Their are bunch of LAWs in the states but its really all over the place in Europe and im guess the owner Dale is trying to capitalize on the fact that their is no patent on the design and the demand for second hand LAWs are through the roof what bothers me is that it is an exact replica without any credit to Lawrie. If you look on EBay as of writing this, their is a LAW for the buy it now price of $4400 and a separate listing for just the pedestal base for almost $2k which is insane. The LAW originally was only around $500 but a weak dollar and strong British pound converted that price to around $800-$900. A few years ago you can get one second hand for $1200-$1500 and then God knows how the prices got to be as high now. To the point on why the LAW is so good and people are willing to spend so much on it and copy it. Listen, at the end of the day it's a vise and it holds a hook but the design is really stuning and it can really hold a size 10\0 to 32 on the same jaws with just one adjustment and the hook will not move. Also, the way the jaws are designed you have a lot of access to the rear of the hook as well as a place to put your non bobbin hand. It's just a really simple, beautiful design. Is it worth the cost? Well, that's up to the person purchasing it. Is a new Sage X rod worth $900? Is the new Loomis rod worth over a $1000? At the end of the day it is to me because I look at these vises as not only tools for what I love to do, but as sculpture and that's why I started collecting them as I admire the craftmenship and engineering Lawrence Waldron put into the LAW vise and other vise makers put into their vises. As a side note if you can find a LAW and want it go get it but if you are in the market for a really good vise my suggestions are the Jvice, Jay Smit the owner and maker of the Jvice is a friend and his vice is probably the best out their now in my opinion. It holds every size hook and the goose neck design gives you the most access to the rear of the hook then any vise, even the LAW. The renzetti presentation 4000 is a also a favorite especially for my streamers and the master is great too but sometimes I prefer the 4000. The Stonfo transformer is new and pretty cool and innovative but one can argue they take a lot of design elements from the Master. Happy New Year everyone! PS Doug Stout your an amazing engineer, love your work! Mike
  14. Hi all, I have not posted before but I figured I would join in on the fun and post a rusty spinner and a march brown emerger. Happy New Year!
  15. Does anyone know if the Fort Shockley company in California is still around? I am interested in one of their fly tying workstations and I have called and emailed but is seems no one is there. Thanks.
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