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  1. Mike, great meeting you at the ISA Blowout! I'm surprised Rich hasn't talked you into going ice fishing. I didn't buy any raffle tickets, as I knew what I wanted when I went. I bought the full day guided trip donated by Frontier Anglers TN. I talked to Josh on Sunday and let him know my appreciation for his donation and that I look forward to chasing some smallies with him. The donations were top notch. Thanks to all the ISA guys who worked their butts off knocking on doors getting businesses and other members to donate. I took a neighbor, and he was very impressed all around with the event. I am looking forward to the next one, but even more-so I am looking forward to getting on the water!



  2. Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't updated in a while. I was on a business trip for a little over a week. I don't usually advertise when I am going to be gone for extended periods of time. Anyways, I am back now and in the mail were Eugward's flies. I will sort these and send them out tomorrow, 1/20/14. Thanks for a great year of swaps! I am going to take some time away from the swaps to focus on some patterns for the Smoky Mountains and Driftless area. This year I am going to try and make quite a few more trips trout fishing. Please let me know when you all get your flies!



  3. I started with a Renzetti Traveler. I have had many hobbies in the past and learned that the most expensive thing about any hobby is buying twice because you cheaped out on the initial purchase. I have felt no need to upgrade from the Traveler. It is not super "high end", but it is a good solid product for right around $200.



  4. You may want to build your own kit, depending on the types of leaders you mostly plan to use, it can be somewhat more cost-effective and efficient.


    sound advice. why pay for a full kit when you may not ever use all spools


    try this http://globalflyfisher.com/fishbetter/leadercalc/ BEFORE you pull the trigger on a kit


    more knots on a leader = more vegetation its gonna pick up as it progresses down stream. i'd rather be fishing than pulling weeds off of multiple knots

    That leader calc program is awesome! I will be looking around that more this evening when I get home from work...

  5. So, I was wondering how many of you tie your own leaders? I am thinking about putting one of the Umpqua leader tying kits on my Christmas list. Do you find that making your own leaders gives you an advantage over buying them aside from the obvious cost savings?






  6. Guys, everyone's flies are here except Zach, who has gone MIA. As you all noticed last month you got a duplicate of one memeber's fly. That was done randomly. That is what I will be doing again this month. I will get these back out to you all on Monday. Yesterday my day was spent in downtown Chicago buying fancy tile for our backsplash. On a side note, I did get to go by a custom rod shop and get some tips and tricks on getting my first rod wrapped, a Lamiglas 7' 6" 4wt. Oh the winter projects have begun!



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