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  1. Got 'em! My weaving skills are horrible compared to you guys.... -Forrest
  2. Yahoooooooooo Santa is baaaaack! I'm in! I think I will get a cup of coffee and head to the basement right now and get started! -Forrest
  3. I got mine today! Guys/Gals, I can honestly say that I think this is the best overall set so far this year! Keep 'em coming. Even though two of us tied up girdle bugs, i think they are both useable in different situations. I can't wait to get these flies wet. -Forrest
  4. Most all of my bluegill patterns are size 10 or size 12 so sounds good to me! -Forrest
  5. I tied an olive scud for this month. -Forrest
  6. Margaret, I have been done with mine for a few days now, and will get them in the mail by this weekend. I thought I had your address on file, but I can not find it. Can you please send me a PM with your address? I have tied a Baby Smallmouth Clouser in size 6. This fly is one heck of a producer in waters that contain smallmouth! I will try and post a pic later on, but I have to leave for work now. -Forrest
  7. You should ask for the Whiting Combo Pack instead of the Metz. You will always get a brown and a grizzly (you will tie 90% of you patterns with one, the other, or a combo of these) and usually a black and one other random color. All for I think 60 or 70 bucks. The quality in these combos is pretty much bronze quality, and there is a ton of feathers! J Stockard is the best place to order from and they are a sponsor here. -Forrest
  8. That's fine by me! It costs the same to ship 13 as it does 12.... and you get an extra fly back! -Forrest
  9. I'd like to do this, but I would not want the box until September as we are in the process of moving into a new home in t-minus two weeks. -Forrest
  10. If you want really good buck tails, order them from Bob Clouser's website. -Forrest
  11. Are you only using the hair that comes from the top 2/3 of buck tail? If you are using hair from the bottom of the bucktail (the non pointed end), it is more hollow and will flair. -Forrest
  12. I mailed mine out on 7/6 so you should get them today.... -Forrest
  13. Just write the other address on a piece of folded computer printer paper and tape it over the one that I wrote on there and it should be fine as long as its taped well. Sorry about the inconvenience.... Did not expect to be moving early! -Forrest
  14. BB, Thanks for the heads up. The flies for July and August should have the Oswego IL address on them as we are moving July 30th! Our house will be done ahead of schedule. -Forrest
  15. BB, I take it you opened my flies and found them acceptable. I do have a question for you. For my July envelope does it have the Aurora or Oswego IL address? -Forrest
  16. I have sat down today and tied up the carp worms. Please send me an address so I can get these in the mail to you. Also, I am moving at the end of July, so if this swap will be over after that, let me know so I can put the correct return address. -Forrest
  17. I can't either, but let me tell ya these are spun extremely well. They felt like cork. They are on the way! -Forrest
  18. Does it have to be spun deer hair? -Forrest
  19. Everyone, I sent your flies back to you today. When you receive them, please let me know by posting here. Fshrmns, congrats on winning best popper in the popper poll! I have sent you a couple articulated leeches in your your box. Thanks for making this a great swap everyone! -Forrest
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