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  1. I see you are a new poster. First, welcome to the forum. Second, have you read the rules on hosting a swap? You can find those pinned on the top of the "Fly Swaps" section. Do you qualify to host swaps? Also, we just finished a popper swap so it may be too soon for another.... -Forrest
  2. I moved up the end time on this one since I want to be able to get everyone's flies back out to use them for the weekend. If you want to vote, get your vote in now! -Forrest
  3. All flies are in as of today 6/25/12! Go on over to the popper swap contest thread and vote for your favorite! -Forrest
  4. Rfinn, Eville is kinda my old stomping grounds (grew up on the ky side and moved to Chicago 5 years ago). I never did any fly fishing until I moved up here. However, if you look for the old strip mine pits they are loaded with fish. You could always fly fish them from a kayak or float tube. You can now drive over to the Louisville area and there is a state park there that has stocked trout. Of course, there are tons of ponds around that will hold bluegill. KY and Barkley could be fly fished, but you need a boat and to avoid all the jet skiers. Good luck! I miss that area as it is where all my family still is. -Forrest
  5. Guys, I wanted to get your opinion on this. First of all, thanks to each of you that got your flies to me on time and also thanks for the extras. I have posted a poll in the fly swap thread so that the favorite popper may be picked! Each of you that got your flies to me on time will get an extra bluegill fly from me (not a popper, but a great bluegill fly). I really wanted this swap to go perfect, but there are two sets of flies that we do not have. How long do you all want to wait to get these last two sets? I was thinking that the 29th would be the cutoff date. If I have not gotten the last two sets by then, I will distribute the flies back to each of you that sent yours in on time. You will get one from each of the other swappers, plus random duplicates. Does this sound acceptable to all of you who worked hard to get your flies in on time? -Forrest
  6. Ladies and Gentleman, I am currently hosting the Popper Swap, and as promised, we are having a little contest to see who wins "best popper". The winner will receive some extra flies from me. Please take the time to vote for your favorite popper out of this group. We are missing two, but since their flies did not arrive in time I have chosen to include only these in the poll. So, which popper will win? I have not included names to keep this totally fair This poll will close Tuesday 6/26/2012 at 12 PM. At that time the winner will be decided by flytyingforum.com members! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. [/size]
  7. What day did you send them? They did not come in the mail today. Can you please provide the tracking number? -Forrest
  8. I was thinking a half dozen but we will see what others want to do It costs the same to ship a dozen as it does 6. Let me know what others want to do. -Forrest
  9. Bob Clouser uses Estaz for the collar on his EZ popper. Well, at least on one variation of it. That's the fun part about all this; you can use whatever you like! -Forrest
  10. Today is the closing day for this swap, June 20th as was stated in the opening post of this thread. 1) djgunter - Where are your flies? 2) bluegill576 had a mix up and sent his flies to another swapmaster and sent me flies for that other persons swap. I want to thank all of you who had your flies in on time. I will include an extra little something from me for each of you. I will not wait very long to get the last two sets of flies. It is popper season, and there is no reason for you all to not get your flies back ASAP. -Forrest
  11. I will play as long as we each tie up a dozen and get back a dozen. -Forrest
  12. I couldn't even tell what my first fly was once I was done with it! So, you are not off to a bad start. I will add to what has already been said by suggesting to make sure and only use the top 2/3 of the deer tail when tying Clouser's. The hair toward the bottom of the deer tail is more hollow, and will flare like crazy. -Forrest
  13. Got 'em! Added to the fly box already. -Forrest
  14. gpd4's poppers came today! This is turning out to be an amazing swap! -Forrest
  15. Eastern's flies came in today! For those of you who have not mailed your flies yet, please keep in mind that the flies are due to me by no later than June 20. How do you guys look on finishing up your poppers? djgunter, I would assume your flies should ship sooner than later (if you haven't already sent them) since you are sending them from so far away? -Forrest
  16. Hey Ryan I just put mine in the mail. Here is a pic of the Seaducer's. Recipe: #2 Mustad 3366 Tail: 4 (or more) long sadlle hackles Flash: Pearl Flashabou Collar: 2 red and one white hackle Thread 6/0 White Tie these up in all kinds of color combinations. It's an old fly that still works today. -Forrest
  17. Got mine today too! I was beginning to wonder, but alas they showed up. Already added them to my fly box. -Forrest
  18. The address is located on the first post of this thread. -Forrest
  19. Yes! Everyone send a dozen. It makes it more worth while to send and get a dozen total.... -Forrest
  20. I sent another PM this morning. He hasn't been on since June 3rd, so hopefully everything is ok... -Forrest
  21. I am starting to get a little concerned...... I sent the swapmaster a PM but have not heard from him..... -Forrest
  22. Thanks so much! I will put it to good use! -Forrest
  23. Got 'em! Super nice looking poppers that the gills are sure to crush. Did you make the bodkin that is in the box with the flies??? -Forrest
  24. I finished up mine this morning! -Forrest
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